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In Spite of All Terror - Part One

Posted on Friday May 22nd, 2020 @ 7:04pm by Captain Oliver Campbell & Commander Fredrik Andersson & Lieutenant Commander Jamie-Leigh Armit & Lieutenant Jacob Wishmore

Mission: Blood, Toil, Sweat & Tears
Location: Starbase One
Timeline: Saturday 29th February 2156

The moment the engineers got the second airlock door open, everyone flashed out their phase pistols and rifles in the open doorway. Andersson could feel his heartbeat thumping away in his chest as they were exposed to the mess that Starbase One was now in. Smashed computer consoles, shattered deck plating and numerous pieces of debris filled the long corridor before the team. Along with that smoke from fires and other cracked conduits created a dangerous hazy mist. The crackles of the burning bulkheads and broken electrical wiring complimented this all.

“Well this is certainly brilliant,” The chief engineer sarcastically said.

Doing his best to control the nerves that had been building ever since he had found out about the task at hand, Jacob clutched his phase pistol tightly as he could. He had known that the possibility of being put into combat situations had existed and was even high but he had not expected for it to arise so early into his Starfleet career.

Carrying with him the largest pack he could find which he had stuffed to the brim with assorted medical supplies, when the need would inevitably arise, the doctor felt ready for what almost certainly lay ahead for them.

"Don't worry, Commander" Wishmore spoke, just about managing a smirk, "We have confidence in your ability to fix it all."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, doc!" Andersson replied and looked to the science officer. "How do you wanna proceed J-L?"

“First lets fire the new interior decorators,” Lt.Commander Armit muttered as she surveyed the damage. If the area here was any indication, the station was in dire need. “Let’s get everyone ready and we can keep a small team to keep the airlock secured.”

Automatically the teams of people from Endeavour started to flood in through the corridor, once the airlock was secure. Straight away Andersson’s repair teams extinguished the fires and shutdown the power to the damaged systems. Some began clearing the corridor so it was safe for them to work in and to use once the ship returned.

The three senior officers’ communicated all beeped at them. They responded by taking them all out and flipping them open.

“Endeavour to Starbase One landing party.” spoke the voice of Captain Campbell over the radio.

“Commander Armit here,” Armit replied, all the while keeping an eye on everything going on around them. The quick work of the engineering crew giving hope. While also making it clear this was going far too well.

“The last of the rescue and repair teams are leaving us now. Once that airlock is secure we will be moving off. Commander Armit, I want to stress right now how important it is that you do not risk anyone’s lives in any attempt to save the station. If it is unsalvageable then you get those trapped there off the station using its shuttlepods and escape pods and head towards the planet below.” Campbell paused in between his speech, “That said though, I am sure Frederik is keen to repair and get the station back up and running!”

“You read my mind sir.” Andersson remarked into his communication device with a smirk.

“Good luck and don’t muck it up. I’m sure the admirals at home would appreciate it if we can perform another miracle here! Campbell out.”

They closed their communicators the moment the captain had finished.

Andersson turned to his superior officer, “Ma’am if we want to get a good picture of the state the station is in then we need to head up to the to the Command Hub on Level One. We can then assess where we can go there, plus for the good doctor we can work out if the infirmary is secure for us to use to help the injured.”

"Worst case, I can set up an emergency triage area on level one. I imagine that would be easier to defend in the worst case." Wishmore patted the bag of supplies he was hauling. Taking in a deep breath, he squeezed the handle of his weapon gently as he hoped dearly he would not be required to use it.

"There's certainly room in the Command Hub, however if there's too much damage we may have to use other rooms." Andersson remarked. "Shall we make a move?"

Armit nodded. It was a sound plan. “Okay,” she said as she gestured for the team to gather. “Team three will remain back to ensure the airlock remains secure and finalise repairs. You watch each other’s backs, no heroics, clear? Team one and two,” she added, speaking now to the majority of engineers and security, “we will go the control hub, secure it and assess the next steps. We are close to the maintenance hatch, we use them as much as possible. Lieutenant Anderrson? Care to lead the way?”

"More than happy too!" Andersson said as he led them to their next destination.


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