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Round One

Posted on Tuesday May 19th, 2020 @ 10:05pm by Captain Oliver Campbell & Commander Fredrik Andersson & Ensign Jules Leclerc & Commander Izari th'Zorati & Lieutenant Commander Jamie-Leigh Armit & 1st Lieutenant Aliyah al-Basir

Mission: Blood, Toil, Sweat & Tears
Location: Endeavour NX-06
Timeline: Saturday 29th February 2156

Slowly dropping out of warp, Endeavour crept into the Berengaria system cautiously. At the helm, Ensign Leclerc piloted the ship with ease and grace, for in a moment he guessed he would be pushing the ship to its limit as they engaged the Romulans. Easing back on the ship’s throttle, Jules dropped the ship’s speed to three quarter impulse to give them time to see what they would be facing.

Standing up from his chair, Campbell ordered for Chang to bring up a tactical display of the situation on the main screen while Armit would scan the entire area. The captain was keen to know what was happening.

Noticing the concern that was spread across Andersson’s face, Campbell empathised with his chief engineer. Starbase One had become a centre piece to his career so far, along with that his wife served as the station’s first officer and chief armoury officer. “Fred, how well defended is the starbase?”

Breaking his expression, the Sweedish engineer turned to face Campbell to answer. “Starbase One is outfitted with forty-seven phase cannons and twenty torpedo launchers. Her arsenal includes eight hundred photonic torpedoes. Along with that her polarised hull plating is the thickest in the fleet.”

Campbell rubbed the back of his neck, “I’m sure Tom is keeping them on their toes then!”

“Kristina would be giving them hell!” Andersson added.

“We’re approaching Berengaria Seven.” Announced Leclerc.

Campbell smoothed his uniform out. “Onscreen.” He ordered.

The bridge’s main screen changed to show the Minshara class world and in the distance hung Starbase One. Three green bolts dotted around the Earth station. The Romulans. The closer they got to the planet, they witnessed Starbase One firing a barrage of torpedoes at one of the Romulans who erupted into flames after the pummel. Two Romulans left, they continued to fire on the starbase.

“Commander th’Zorati, hail the starbase. Get me Captian O’Brien.” Campbell ordered.

"I've been trying to reach the station since we entered standard communication range, but I'm not having any joy," the Andorian at communications revealed as she tapped away at her controls furiously, her antenna dipped in frustration. "The only explanation can be that their transceiver is down, or the Romulans are jamming their communications."

“Jules, take us in, full impulse.” Campbell commanded as he sat back down. “Chang, open fire at will on those Romulan ships. I want them destroyed!

Endeavour engaged the Romulans, fortunately for them Starbase One continued to support. The Romulans attempted to hold up the fight, but even though the base was damaged, they were no match for the new arrival. Endeavour flew around the base, continuing to hit the Romulans ships. One went, then the last one attempted to flee.

The bridge shook as the ship took fire. Several explosions erupted around the bridge while consoles flickered on and off from the damage. A fire started in the situation room but was quickly put out by the MACOs there.

“Evasive maneuverers, Jules.” Campbell ordered at the top of his voice over the commotion happening around him. “Hard to port!”

Suffering from another barrage of phase fire from Starbase One, the Bird of Prey fired against the base before the damage caused an explosion for it to lose its left wing. Endeavour hit the green vessel with a spread of torpedoes causing it to spin out of control and towards the planet. Unable to reach it in time, the Bird of Prey burnt up in the atmosphere. Eventually it broke up into a burning ball of fire.

Watching the scene before him, Campbell sighed a bit and ordered for the ship to return back to the base.

“Commander Armit, are there anymore out there?” He asked his science officer.

“Nothing at present,” came a prompt reply.

Turning to his engineer, Campbell wanted to know what was going on. “Fred, what’s the status of the starbase?”

“It looks pretty bad sir; the station has sustained heavy damage to its outer hull, there’s some hull breaches in the habitat ring. I am reading fluctuations in their power grid; in fact, it looks like they’re running on emergency power. Environmental controls are fluctuating. Their main computer is offline too.” Andersson reported.

“We need to get over there and help them.” Campbell said.

Leclerc looked up from the helm. “Captain, I’m picking up Romulan ships on Berengaria Seven. Looks like a troop transport and a few of their fighters have landed just outside of the mining colony.”

“Damn.” Campbell muttered. He was stuck in between having to deal with two problems just as equal. “We’re going to need help with this.” He looked to his first officer, “Commander, get in contact with-”

Andersson soon interrupted the captain. “Captain that last barrage we took from the Romulans caused an EPS conduit eruption on D deck. We are without the subspace radio and a few other systems. I can give you short-range communication at the moment.”

“Damn,” cursed again Campbell. He considered the option of flying the Endeavour down to the planet surface to blow up the transport but knowing his luck they’ll end up taking out most of the mining colony as well. Weighing everything up in his mind, Campbell stood up. “Okay, we need to deal with three things. One, we need to secure the starbase and help them with repairs, two we need to defend the mining colony and three we need to get help to secure the system.” He looked around at everyone on the bridge. “Suggestions and ideas everyone?”

“Logically we should divide and conquer, sir,” Armit stated from the science station. “Use our strengths. I spent some time at Starbase One, I know my way around. If it’s an option I’d like to assist them.”

"As first officer, it is my duty to protect you, Captain. As such, it is only prudent that I lead the mission to the planet, and that First Lieutenant al-Basir accompany me," the Andorian spoke up from the communications as she turned in her chair and looked towards the commanding officer. "Commander Armit should indeed lead the operation to the starbase and get an analysis of what support we can give there," the Commander concluded her advice.

"I want to join Starbase One's team." Andersson remarked. He looked to Armit and gave her a friendly smile. They worked well with the Kreetassans last time. "I know it better than anyone else."

"Alright, Armit and Andersson will head over to Starbase One with Doctor Wishmore and a number of teams to help out with repairs and the injured." Campbell ordered looking between the science officer and engineer. He then looked to his Andorian first officer, "Commander, you and the MACOs head down to Berengaria Seven to secure the mining colony. We can't let those Romulans have beachhead of any kind this close to our space."

Ensign Leclerc then cleared his throat, "Sir, there's still the matter of getting reinforcements. Could we not ask the Kreetassans?"

"The kid's got a good point." Andersson remarked, "Captain, with your new relationship with them they maybe happy to send a ship or two to help us. They do owe us one."

Placing his hands on his hips, "The idea did go through my mind."

"However with the subspace radio destroyed, I can't see how we get a message to them unless Endeavour heads back to their home system." Andersson stated, he looked down to his sensors pointed towards the Starbase. "With a bit of work we maybe able to get the Starbase's radio working but it will take time."

"How long?" Campbell asked.

"Four days, minimum." Andersson estimated. "We would need to work on getting their entire computer system operational again, getting main power online as well. It's a lot of work."

"In that time span, Endeavour could easily fly to Kreetassa and back to get their help." Leclerc stated. "However, without the captain I can't imagine them just agreeing to help like that? It may require some sort of ritual."

"Again, Jules is right." Andersson stated and looked to the captain. "The Chancellor may agree to send a task group if you go, and if not you could at least bring the Poseidon back with you, who in turn could send the message to Starfleet."

Campbell felt everyone's eyes on him as he considered their multiple dilemmas. Looking back at them all, he knew he could trust them to do their jobs. "Alright, tell me what you will need while Endeavour flies off to get the calvary?"

"If anything goes wrong on Starbase One it is equipped with eight shuttle pods and numerous escape pods. If we need to do we can evacuate to the planet. All we'll need to do is send over enough search and rescue teams to assist with the injured and begin repairs. We can easily dock with the station while we do that." Andersson stated.

"If you intend for all the MACOs to go then, we could fly them down in three round trips using all four shuttle pods." Leclerc remarked.

"Leaving Chang and I with a skelton crew here on Endeavour?" Campbell said. "Does anyone have any objections to that?"

Aliyah simply nodded in agreement, the fate of the MACOs sealed early on. "Just get us there, and we'll bring them back."

"Okay let's move people, we've got a lot of fallen comrades counting on us." Campbell stated. He hoped and prayed he was making the right choices.


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