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Storming The Castle

Posted on Thursday August 26th, 2021 @ 11:42pm by Captain Oliver Campbell & Lieutenant JG Jules Leclerc & 1st Lieutenant Fynn Trommler

Mission: Rebels With A Cause
Location: Endeavour NX-06
Timeline: Wednesday 2nd February 2157

The appearance of what appeared to be a Romulan convoy into the system forced the crew to move a lot quicker. They had only one window of opportunity to complete their goal before the convoy arrived. Keeping the ship in a high orbit above the planet’s poles masked their signature from any long range scans, but Oliver wasn't planning to let the convoy survive either.

Stepping onto his bridge from his ready room, the Endeavour’s captain made his way over to the centre of the room. “Are we ready?” He asked around who was assembled. Once he got a round of nods, he sat down in his seat and opened a shipwide channel on the intercom system. His voice then echoed throughout the ship for all to hear.

“All hands, this is the captain, we’re about to engage in one of our most complicated and detailed operations since the start of the war. I know our first mission was meant to be a quick jog around the park, but if anything that this war has taught us we should expect the unexpected from our enemy. We have one goal in sight and that’s to remove the Romulan threat from the Akaali. They’re a pre-warp society so leaving them to endure the Romulan war machine is not fair. So secure all stations and prepare for Operation: Robin Hood to commence.” He tapped the button and closed the channel.

Wanting to shake his head at the name his husband had come up with for the operation, Campbell couldn’t help but smirk at hearing Fynn’s justification for trying to make this situation sound like they were reliving the old famous English legend. Fynn had explained that they were the outlaws of Sherwood Forest trying to save the people of Nottingham (in this case the Akaali) from the oppressive Sheriff (the Romulans). Deciding to just go along with it, Oliver decided not to argue with the name. He had a war to get on with.

Taking a moment to get himself calm, he looked around the bridge and saw that everyone was now ready for him to give the command to go.

Looking at the helm station where Lieutenant Leclerc sat, Oliver ordered the second helm officer to begin their descent into the planet below. As part of the first stage of the operation, the ship would move into a low position, beam its packages down to the castle and then launch the shuttlepods.

The ship moved through the atmosphere with a few shudders but eventually broke through and was now in the night sky. All of the ship’s outside illuminations were deactivated to avoid them being caught by the naked eye. This operation required them to use as much stealth as possible. When they were at the right point, the captain tapped the intercom button again, to speak directly to transporter bays. “Bridge to transporter bays one and two, beam our packages down.”

By packages he meant both the various number of canisters that would be used to knock most of the inhabitants of the castle and its surrounding area out cold. Then shortly after they had been delivered the first of the MACO teams would go down so they could begin their deep dive approach into the castle. Shortly after that another team would be deposited on the planet to set up their snipers.

Once he got the green light that everything had been sent down without a hitch, the captain then spoke to the shuttles. “Campbell to Shuttlepods One, Two, Three and Four. We are in position, go!”

Endeavour’s launch bay doors parted open and all four shuttles were lowered into their launch positions before they were released into mid-air. Jealous he wasn’t one of the pilots on the shuttles, he could imagine the rush going through them all now. The plan had been to literally drop the shuttles and let them fall for sometime before engaging their thrusters. They would then fly over the castle, giving the MACO time to parachute out to begin their assault from above.

Shuttlepods One, Two and Three all had the MACOs who would do that, while Shuttlepod Four had the team onboard that would deal with interfering with the Romulan equipment and their communication systems. They would then go on to deal with the clean up operation after the MACOs had removed the threat posed by the Romulans on the ground. They would then be removing the mine, the equipment and safely moving the Akaali out of harm's way.

Knowing that his husband was on Shuttlepod One, made the captain slightly queasy, it wasn’t the first time he had ordered him into the battlefield, but this was, as he said to the crew, one of their most complicated and detailed operations. Everything had been planned to the nano-second. So much could still go wrong.

And it did.

“Sir,” Leclerc announced from the helm, “that Romulan convoy has just increased its speed. They’ll be here within five minutes. I think the Romulans on the ground somehow got a message out.”

“Damn it.” Campbell cursed as he considered his options. “Can we clarify how many ships?”

“A single Bird-of-Prey protecting three larger ships, they look like cargo vessels sir.” Leclerc reported.

Looking over to his communication station, he ordered for a channel to be opened with the landing parties. The moment the beep happened to indicate the channel was open he spoke up. “Campbell to all teams, we’ve got some incoming company. It looks like the sheriff has called in for outside help. Continue to proceed with robbing the rich to give to the poor as planned, while we deal with this. Campbell out.” He nodded for the channel to be closed.

“Jules, take us up and lay an intercept course at full impulse.” Campbell commanded, still remaining calm. He looked over at the armoury station and ordered for the ship’s weapons to be fully armed. “The moment we have a weapon’s lock on that bird, then shoot it down. Fire at will.”

Campbell wasn’t messing around with the Romulans, he wanted to move in swiftly, destroy the Romulan convoy as quickly as he could so they could return to the planet to assist with the plan.

Hearing his husband speak and referring to the elements of his operation’s name made Fynn smile slightly as he checked the last of his equipment before making his big jump. Activating his comms device, he spoke into it. “Robin Hood to the Merry Men, we’re going to have to do this without Maid Marian’s help.” Smirking at using the callsigns he had come up for key personnel during the operation, Fynn had to hide his snigger at what he had called his husband while taking the lead on the heroic legend himself. He carried on with his talk to everyone. “Keep the chatter on the comms to a bare minimum, just in case the Sheriff of Nottingham is listening in. Little John and Friar Tuck, start your magic when you’re ready. Robin Hood out.”

Closing the channel, he had more giggles from his team behind him. Turning to look at them all with a similar expression, Fynn just smirked. “Let’s make this happen. Mask up!” He ordered as they all put their masks on, ready for their jump.

Within a few minutes all four shuttlepods were in a sort of arrow shape formation, with three of them opening their side hatches allowing for the MACOs to jump down.

The freefall was exhilarating as Trommler flew through the Akaali night sky, with only a few clouds getting in their way, the entire troop was out within ten seconds as planned. Within a few more seconds they would open the parachutes and start to slow themselves down.

Pulling on the cord with a hard yank, Trommler soon found himself being pulled upwards as his chute opened. The pull around his crotch area was tight and he winced in somewhat pain, it had been ages since his training in doing such a stunt. Adjusting himself, he made himself more comfortable as he looked at the scanner that was now attached to his left arm. Everyone else was now gliding down towards their target as planned. His visor showed him their target and by the countdown he saw, by now the gas should have knocked most of the people out and the snipers would be taking out the Romulan guards along the castle battlements. He hoped they were being quick with their shooting as the plan required them to do their bit to ensure that the attack from above and below went ahead without any hitch.

Flipping down his binoculars, he activated their night vision and could see that the gas had done what it was intended to do. Most activity in and around the castle was non-existent to the point that what movement he could detect came from the Romulan guards. They seemed to be rushing away from the battlement, towards the inside but as they moved they were being taken out one at a time by the long range snipers. Smirking that the chief was true to her word, her small squad were their lookouts.

His team eventually landed on the southern side, as planned and punching their chests, all of them had their parachute automatically pull themselves back into their deployment bag. Crouching down beside a wall, Flynn signalled with his hands for his squad to start to move out. They needed to secure the area ready for shuttlepod four to land in the court. Scanning for lifesigns, he could see that the remaining lifesigns were inside the castle now, heading down to the mines.

“Robin Hood to Wagon Four, we’re good to go.” Trommler announced after their first objective was secured. “Deploy the rest of the Merry Men.”

Looking down, he could see Shuttlepod Four making its descent vector. Ordering his teams to carry on moving through the castle once it was landed and the MACOs on board had taken over from guarding the site, Trommler followed his people inside the castle.

Entering the stone fortress, Fynn was reminded of the times when he visited castles as a kid with his parents. Those occasions had been rare for him and his brother but the medieval stories they contained had excited him.

Walking down a flight of curved stairs, his earpiece crackled with the announcement that the Romulans were fleeing. “Wagon Three to Robin Hood, we’re detecting the launch of what appears to be a small craft from under the moat.”

Tapping his communication device, he spoke into the mic, “Robin Hood to Wagons One and Two, engage the target. As per Maid Marian’s orders, no Sheriffs are to leave the planet.”

Confirmation could be heard as they moved through the castle. Moving with speed, Trommler knew that his husband wanted the operation completed in the quickest time ever. Entering a number of rooms they found the Akaali all unconscious from the gas canisters they had used. Ten minutes in and word was received that the castle was theirs with no signs of any other Romulans. They were just about to start the next phase of removing the mining operation and safely relocating the Akaali when the intercom went off again.

“Wagon Two to Robin Hood and the Merry Men, we’ve dealt with the fleeing Sheriff. All sorted.”

“Good news.” Trommler remarked. “All Merry Man this is Robin Hood, begin the next phase, securing Nottingham and jailbreaking the locals.”

The Romulan Bird of Prey was being tricky to deal with, but with the upgrades to the Endeavour it didn’t remain too long in the fight. Tightly gripping the end of his chair’s arms, Captain Campbell gritted his teeth as he watched the Romulan ship explode into a ball of flames.

“Now open fire on the other ships.” He ordered. “Target their engines first, I don’t want them getting away.”

Leclerc looked up from his controls, “Sir, I don’t think we need to worry about opening fire.” He announced. “Their engine cores are overloading.”

“Full impulse, get us out of their blast radius.” Campbell ordered.

Leclerc spun the ship on its axis as it flew upwards and away from both vessels as they blew up almost simultaneously. The shockwave barely touched the Starfleet ship as it fled from the scene.

“Anyone else out there?” Campbell asked his pilot.

“Not that I can see sir.” The pilot answered.

Campbell took a moment to let out a sigh of relief before giving out more commands. “Then get us back to the planet, full impulse.”

Endeavour zoomed back to Akaali to help its teams on the planet.

Sat on the bench in the aft compartment of Shuttlepod One, Trommler closed his eyes. After almost three and half hours of work, the operation was complete. Now as they made their way home, he couldn’t wait to call it a night and go straight to bed. His sweat had almost ruined the camouflage paint he had smeared across his face but it was nothing a decent shower wouldn’t fix.

Shuttlepod One flew up through in formation with the other shuttlepods as it passed through the Akaali skyline, in the distance the sun was starting to rise another day on the planet they had just liberated. Looking out of the nearby window, Trommler took one more glance at the castle. When the Akaali would wake up they would find that their masked oppressors were finally gone, their mining and forced labour operation was gone and any trace of them ever being there was removed.

Eventually the small crafts passed through the atmosphere with ease and began their approach to dock with the Endeavour. Feeling a sense of pride that they had won this battle without any losses from their side, Fynn hoped that their actions would cause more good for the people they had saved. Nevertheless they had stopped an enemy of Earth from gaining another beachhead and access to valuable resources.


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