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Planning To Subdue The Enemy Without Fighting

Posted on Thursday August 26th, 2021 @ 11:42pm by Captain Oliver Campbell & 1st Lieutenant Fynn Trommler & Petty Officer, 3rd Class Romeo Knight & Commander Rohan Patel & Lieutenant Commander Jacquelyn Wilcox PhD & Lieutenant Commander Jaylan Cline & Lieutenant Joshua Randall & Lieutenant Antione Ricci & Lieutenant JG Wakai Sadayoshi & Lieutenant Bodhi Frye & Master Chief Petty Officer Nami 나미 Chang 장 & Lieutenant Bruce Caplan & 2nd Lieutenant Tali Levy

Mission: Rebels With A Cause
Location: Endeavour NX-06
Timeline: Wednesday 2nd February 2157

Assembling the senior staff, along with the others he wanted there, almost an hour later gave Captain Campbell the time to think some ideas over in his head to consider what they could do to remove the Romulans from Akaali.

Stepping into the conference room with Fynn by his side, he was impressed to see everyone was there, all sat around the long rectangular table, waiting for him. “Right, let’s get started with this.” He said to everyone as he made his way over to the head of the table while Fynn went down to the other end.

Taking the tablet he had in his hands he mirrored the images and scans they took of the Romulan compound onto the various monitors and screens around the room as well as the ones that were on the table. “Ladies and Gents, I’ve assembled you all here to come up with a plan that will successfully remove the Romulans from the planet without causing too much disruption to the local natives. As you can see the Romulans have taken over this castle-like structure.” Oliver started as he motioned towards the imagery before them. “Their mining operation is underground, at least three hundred meters and they are using the Akaali as slave labourers. Our suspicions that they are mining for veridium were confirmed when we were able to scan one of the carts that the Akaali were pulling. Then it is taken to another underground facility, an almost bunker where their own technology is using it to refine the ore.” Seeing on everyone’s faces that it would be a mammoth task to pull off, Campbell stopped with the briefing side. “So, I’ll open the floor to see what everyone thinks and any ideas would be welcomed.”

"Can we use the transporter and beam the MACS down into the building? Then send security in as backup, sir?" Randall asked.

"It's a good idea Josh, but the Romulans have setup a scattering field which made it almost impossible to scan the fortress. We had to get up close to get what we got our hands on, so my only worry is using the transporter that close may cause problems." Campbell replied. "That's not to say we are going to take the use of the transporter off the table."

Since the team had returned to the surface, Bodhi Frye had been studying the scans of the fortress layout. Most cultures facing warfare or highly aggressive fauna came up with the concept of a safe building or area. In most cultures, it was also footprint for regional power- and often one used for keeping people out as much as in. And it appeared that the Akaali were no different in most respects. What seemed clear to Bodhi was, the castle was seldom used before the Romulan occupation of it. And that meant this region had been at peace for some time. And the Akaali social structure had moved on around it rather than put it to use.

"The castle structure follows a pretty standard psychology for a civilization that has developed basic artillery," Bodhi said, his long fingers drumming on the back of his own tablet. "Wide, low walls to prevent ballistics, corners to mitigate simply knocking them off. Its design is similar to a clover-leaf castle, like St. Mawe's Castle. So the Romulans have full control over every entrance and exit. And its a tight area where they can easily redeploy and cover the full area. They can scan any incoming traffic from the roads. Any kind of surface entry is out. They will detect us."

"Then what about a simultaneous entry from the air and from the water?" Trommler offered.

"I'd be willing to bet there are several underground or cavernous systems beneath the castle," Patel added, studying the image of the compact fortress. Concern for the locals centered his thoughts about the actions he crew was devising. He questioned how any assault would be kept covert and hidden from the local populace; more importantly how they had managed to quell any gossip from amongst the locals. After all, it was not everyday a band of strangers from 'out of town' would manage to take a castle and keep it quiet. He wondered if, somehow, this could be used to their advantage.

Jaylan sat there and thought looking at the information, "I can try to find a way to disrupt their equipment enough to get them distracted which would give our team the upper hand." She said as she sat there and looked at Bruce who was sitting next to her wondered if she could pull it off. "It might take some work, but I believe I can make it happen," Cline replied looking at the Captain.

"Disrupting their systems would help, taking down that scattering field if we can would also help." Campbell said before looking over at his communications officer. "Antione, do you think you and Jaylan could work together and find a way to not only just disrupt their systems but take out of their communications system as well?

Antione had listened closely to the information regarding the Romulans and the ideas that were being suggested by the rest of the group. “I think it would be possible, but it may take a approach if you understand what I am saying.”

"The sensor reflection in the surrounding landscape suggests there are Karst deposits near the coastline. If there's enough seepage from rainwater and geological draining, there may be caves. But they will almost certainly be full of water.." Bodhi frowned. He wasn't sure how well equipped the MACOs were for a dark aquatic environment, "But if you could find a way to use them, you might be able to come up from under and get access to the mines." He glanced at the Captain, "But you would have to be very careful. Karst is a soft rock. It doesn't handle energy weapons well. The risk of cave-in is very high." Still, Karst caves had kept humanoids sheltered and relatively safe for eons across countless worlds.

"Our MACOs are trained for such conditions, we've got the equipment." stated Trommler with confidence. "My only worry is having to carry out this operation with so many Akaali around and seeing us. I'd suggest the mission is carried out at night, but we will still have some witnesses."

Looking at his doctor, Campbell had an idea. "Jacob, could you create gas canisters that could incapacitate those on the surface without causing any long term health concerns?"

Wishmore nodded with acknowledgment.

Wakai sat bedside his senior physician, Doctor Wishmore and looked rather sheepish in comparison to the other officers present. He wasn't quite sure why he had been included in the meeting but was appreciative of being given the exposure.

"My thinking is, if we could break through the scattering field we beam the canisters down ahead of our teams. They are then used to place any witnesses that aren't asleep into their dream state so we can get in and get out." Campbell suggested. "We'd need enough to blanket the whole area, is that possible doctor?"

Wakai made brief eye contact with his senior physician. The request seemed reasonable and certainly, in the realm of possibility - Wakai nodded to Doctor Wishmore, he did however reserve the confirmation and reply for his superior.

"Excellent. We still need to think about how we are going to remove the mining equipment and prevent them from ever doing this again." Campbell said. He turned to his first officer, "Rohan, I leave that you you to come up with ideas."

Patel nodded and took note of his work.

"Chief," Campbell said grabbing attention of the Chief of the Boat, "work with Commander Patel in prepping the equipment we'll need to take down with us. Make sure we have a full inventory as I want us to know what is going to down to the surface, so we do not leave anything behind."

“The equipment won’t be a problem, but a water assault and then transition to catacombs will. Old-fashioned spearguns are still about most effective thing going underwater” Nami offered, speaking from experience.

"This is all sounding good." Campbell remarked. "If the MACOs could take out the guards along the battlements and come up from the water to access the mines then I think we could easily do this op. With Jaylan disrupting their equipment, we could hit them hard and fast before they knew what was happening. We secure the site, remove the mining equipment and remove them being able to access the veridium ever again." Looking at his armoury officer, "Jacquelyn, that's where you come in. Look over the scans we took and what we have of the planet and work out how we can do this without waking the neighbours up!"

“I don’t think we can, or should, Sir. Much as I love making things go boom, veridium is a highly volatile isotope and destroying the mine means blowing up roughly sixty percent of the city above it,” Jacquelyn told her captain. She hated that she had to throw a wrench into the planning, but they were trying to solve the wrong problem. “Additionally, as the Romulans are using a portion of the population as slave labor and possibly security. It would be remiss of us to assume that the Akaali are unaware of an issue here. I believe it would be more advantageous to include them in expelling the Romulans from their planet.”

She took a breath. “Mining equipment is fairly simple to fabricate, even in a pre-industrial society. Enterprise removed the equipment that was here in ‘51, and yet that didn’t seem to dissuade the current mining operation. Starfleet cannot continue to police this planet and it’s resources. In this case, keeping the locals in the dark is more harmful than helpful.”

"Then without informing them of who we are and what the Romulans are doing, what do you suggest lieutenant commander?" Campbell asked. He appreciated her candour, but he needed solutions. "Surely a simple cave-in would assist us in blocking them from access the veridium for now? We've seen in the past that Romulan tactics normally involve them retreating completely from a planet if they loose control of it and then they head to another target."

“A sniper, at extreme range, could take out their sentries silently. As said earlier, better at night” Nami suggested before adding “I was a sniper during the Xindi conflict. I can hit a Romulan-sized target at two kilometers easily, three under good conditions.”

Liking the idea, Campbell agreed to it. "Chief, take a look at those scans and work out a team from either the MACOS or the Armoury department that can assist you in taking out the Romulan guards." He ordered.

“I’ll just need a spotter” Nami replied.

Looking to his helms officer now, Campbell gave out more orders. "Josh, we'll need to prep all four shuttlepods to be used to help with the MACOs parachuting in. See to it."

"On it, sir." Randall stood up. "Sir, another suggestion? If we can force a small hold in their scattering field, we might be able to transport canisters of anesthizine gas, enough to cover the entire complex."

"It's a good idea, but it may not take out the Romulans who are wearing masks." Campbell said. He looked at the doctor and gave him the nod to add it to his list. "Lieutenants Trommler and Levy, I want an outline for our heist by nineteen hundred hours." Campbell ordered his husband and the assistant detachment commander. "Doctor Wishmore informed me that Captain Revna isn't well at the moment, keep her informed of what's going on but get the work done."

Tali decided to chime in about the suggestion of a sniper. “Sir, I have an addition to what was said. I have been a sniper since my time in MACO and I have my own personal sniper rifle it can make a shot in the right conditions that can carry for five miles. My gun is also not a weapon that is used regularly so it would not pin any suspicion on the Federation for the fight.”

"Lieutenant Frye, you've had time to research the Akaali culture, we need to look at how we mop-up the operation after we've removed the Romulans. I'm leaving it down to you to work out how we do that without contaminating their society. Look at the impact that their removal will have on the local area and put a plan together. Use whatever personnel you require." Campbell ordered.

The tall scientist with the bushy hair nodded once.

"Any other ideas people?" Campbell asked his crew.

Wakai remained silent but was impressed with how well the meeting had gone. This crew was clearly well versed in their roles and just what they had to bring to the table. It was reassuring to him at least, helped to reaffirm that he would get through this war alive.

"Listen, one other thing we observed the Romulans are using some of the Akaali to guard the castle but from what we can also tell they remain secretive in their disguises. One local said that the Romulans have been using helmets and they've never seen their faces. In every engagement that Starfleet has had with them they've never allowed themselves to be caught. This means that once they know what is happening that resolve in keeping their identities away from us will be at the top of their priorities, they may even take matters into their hands and go out with a bang. We need to be prepared for that." Campbell added. "However I am confident that if we plan this right then we can stop the Romulans from exploiting the Akaali." A beat and then a breath, Campbell said the final word to end the meeting. "Dismissed."

Randall walked out, and headed down to the launch bay. When he arrived, he supervised the engineering people in prepping the pods for launch. Randall moved from pod to pod, either checking the progress of the crews, or lending a hand when a team came across a problem.


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