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The Proposal - (Backlog)

Posted on Saturday August 7th, 2021 @ 1:53pm by Lieutenant JG Wakai Sadayoshi

Mission: Rebels With A Cause
Location: San Francisco, Earth
Timeline: December 2, 2156

Wakai stumbled up the last flight of stairs, which led to the eleventh floor of his apartment complex - he was far more out of breath than he should have been for someone as fit as him. The past several weeks he had taken the lift instead and had broken his habit of strictly taking the stairs. His current cardiovascular and respiratory stress response was evidence of that.

A few moments later, Wakai entered the apartment, which was oddly dark. The curtains were drawn and there was an odd orange and yellow glowing hue coming from the living area. “Tobs?” He called, his voice was both shaky and unsure of itself.


“Tobs? Are you home?” Wakai walked further with caution and a guard in his step. It was very unusual for the apartment to be in such a state. Wakai’s own mind had rushed to worse case scenarios of course - there may be an intruder in their place, the orange glow from the living area was it currently on fire, with the fire suppression systems out of order, or perhaps someone had entered and murdered Tobias - these all circled in his mind as he pulled out his communicator from his uniform jumpsuit and prepared to call for help.

“SURPRISE!” Tobias had jumped around the corner which separated the entrance hallway from their living space, his arms flailed wildly with earnest. This of course caused Wakai to scream like he was a little school girl.

“What in the heck were you thinking Tobs! You could have given me a coronary! You know I hate being scared like that!” Wakai palpated his carotid, ever the dramatic. He should have been used to these antics, after having suffered various scares on behalf of his lover the past couple of years. Tobias was a mischievous bugger.

“Well. Come in already. See what your amazing, dazzling, perfect boyfriend did for you!” Tobias grinned and stretched his arms out, which invited Wakai to further enter the apartment.

Wakai rolled his eyes, grumbled and followed through on Tobias’ request. Any anger he had for the scare melted away though, as the view of their living and dining area entered his consciousness. The room was littered with lit candles and in the centre of the floor was a picnic basket and a bottle of his favourite red-shiraz.

“I hate you.” Wakai said this as he moved in closer and stood on the tip of his toes to passionately kiss Tobias. The man was the best thing to happen to him, ever, and he cherished the time they had spent together taking their journey through training at the same Training Command Centre. They had met when Wakai was in third year and Tobias was a freshman. Time had seemed to flow by so quickly now - Tobias was graduating and Wakai had finished his residency.

What was meant to be a quick kiss had turned into a lovely private engagement for some time.

“You hungry?” Tobias asked this as his own stomach grumbled. The rhetorical nature of it became apparent when he snuck his way over the picnic basket and pulled out a fruit and cheese tray.

“Sure.” In truth - Wakai wasn’t all that hungry but he did not want to spoil the efforts. He indulged in some strawberries and a few pieces of old cheddar. He grinned to himself as he watched Tobias scoff away - the man was a monster when it came to eating, a seemingly endless void.

“So… Are you okay Wai?” Tobias asked this as he poured them both a glass of shiraz. “You were having nightmares again last night…”

“I... “ Wakai accepted the wine glass and sighed. He sat back up in a cross-legged fashion and swished the glass, a move to buy him some precious seconds to compose his own thoughts. There was no changing the topic, not when Tobias had clearly driven the conversation and left little room for his usual detractor of ‘What do you mean?’

“I don’t want this to end Tobs and it is going to.. We’ve both been given our notice.. Our assignments will be in any day now..” Wakai took a large gulp of the precious liquid before continuing. “It’s not like we are going on some ship to explore the galaxy… Everything is all messed up… I don’t want to lose you.” It had weighed heavily on Wakai for the past year. He knew he would be posted after his residency and given the nature of the current conflict, he knew Tobias would be in the active service immediately upon completion of his own training.

It was a scary time to be entering Starfleet - it seemed every day now there were more announcements of casualties. More ships were lost. More lives ended. Wakai was ashamed to admit it but he was scared, he wished he could just run away and never set foot on a starship again.

Tobias set his own drink down and cupped Wakai’s face with his palm. His own look was that of complete understanding. “I love you. This has been the best four years of my life. I am scared too. We all are. Don’t feel alone in that, okay?” It wasn’t very often that the big-hunk of a man showed such genuine emotion. It melted Wakai’s heart ever more somehow.

Tobias continued. “Earth needs us now, more than ever. Trust me. Part of me just wants to scoop you up and run away too. It’s almost enough to win out.” He moved in and gently kissed Wakai again. “We will get through this, okay? No matter where we end up. No matter the distance. When this is all done - we will… Uh…” Tobias shifted uncomfortably for a moment.

“We will…. What?” Wakai raised his brow, which was accompanied by a sudden rush of butterflies in his stomach.

“Well.. This wasn’t exactly how this was supposed to go along. You just had to distract me with other things first, didn’t you?.” Tobias laughed and moved over to the picnic basket. He pulled out a small velvet appearing box.

“Wakai Sadayoshi.” He knelt in front of Wakai now, both of them stark naked in the middle of their living room. “Will you hold onto this ring? Cherish it? As a promise that when this war is done, we will reunite and exchange a certain other set of bands?” Always the long way around.

“You mean... Will I marry you?... Damn right I will!”

. . . . .

The engagement made Wakai’s heart even more full than it had been, although parting ways had been even harder now. Tobias would take up his post on the Intrepid, Wakai would be joining the ranks of the Endeavour to see to his continued medical training under the supervision of an experienced physician.


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