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A New Journey

Posted on Wednesday February 24th, 2021 @ 5:30am by Lieutenant Commander Jaylan Cline & Lieutenant Bruce Caplan
Edited on on Sunday February 28th, 2021 @ 7:30pm

Mission: Home Is Where The Heart Is
Location: San Francisco, California; Earth
Timeline: Saturday 29th January 2157

After Oliver Campbell left the apartment complex she had put her bag in the room as it would be a few days before they would head out to the Endeavour. Just as she was walking out the door opened up to reveal her husband Bruce and their daughter Tiana who was seven years old. "Did you enjoy yourself?" Jaylan asked as Tiana walked up to her mom and hugged her and nodded.

"We had a good day, how was yours?" Bruce asked looking at her knowing something whats up he turned to Tiana. "Honey could you go wash up and get ready for dinner," Bruce asked as Tiana nodded and headed off to her room.

"What's wrong?" Bruce asked, "I got my reassignment orders today and it looks like you did too a short time ago." She asked handing him the information, that he too was getting transferred to the Endeavour. Reading the orders he raised an eyebrow, "interesting." Bruce said as he looked back up at Jaylan.

"He came up to talk to me, thinking I wouldn't take the position as Chief. I mean he wasn't wrong seeing the past that we all had at our STC days." Jaylan replied as she looked at him, "I told him I wasn't the same person as I was back then." Jaylan added as she looked at Bruce, then back at the door that leads to the room of their daughter.

Bruce nodded, "I think we all have grown since then, that wasn't our proudest moment in life." Bruce added as he kinda chuckled at the thought of their days at STC. "Looking back on it now, it seemed all too childish and over what differences of opinion," Bruce said as he smiled at his wife, they had gotten together shortly after that incident in their historical ethics class and been together ever since.

She nodded, "oh Oliver and his husband are having a senior staff dinner tomorrow night and I was invited. I said I would be there but not sure." She said as she didn't want to leave her husband behind with their daughter while she went off to dinner.

Bruce chuckled as he knew the reason why "go dear we will be fine. You deserve to meet the other senior staff which you will be working probably more closely with than I. I'll take Tiana out to dinner and have a father-daughter night." Bruce replied with a soft smile to reassure his wife that they will be fine.

Looking at him she smiled, "you sure?" she asked.

"Yes, dear" Bruce replied as he gave her a kiss, "now speaking of dinner what do you say I go get dinner ready while you go relax," Bruce said as he stood up and headed towards the kitchen to cook dinner while Jaylan decided she needed to take a long bath to relax.

After a while, they all sat down at the kitchen table and began to eat and talk about different things that happened during their day. After dinner, they would settle down and watch a movie before turning in for the night.


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