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Family Politics Pt1

Posted on Tuesday February 23rd, 2021 @ 5:12am by Commander Jacob Wishmore

Mission: Home Is Where The Heart Is
Location: Cohasset, MA, Earth
Timeline: December 31st 2156

Sat quietly in the back of a shuttle pod as it lightly skipped across the skies just under Earth’s atmosphere, had Jacob not been completely engrossed in a report on the current status of the war he might have taken a moment to think about just how far world travel had advanced over the last 150 years although he probably also would have supposed that the same could be said for their interstellar efforts.

Having spent the morning in San Francisco lending a hand to a variety of ongoing and wide-ranging projects, the doctor’s year would end with a long overdue return to the home in which he had grown up. Jacob could hardly remember the last time he had been home, let alone at a time where the rest of the family would be there too.

Shifting seats to one adjacent to the pilot, Wishmore was greeted with a wonderful view of the greater Boston area as they continued their descent over a city that had hardly changed in centuries, across the sprawl of smaller suburban towns that seemed to continue for an eternity until they arrived over the small town of Cohasset that had especially it seemed, managed to resist the urge to update over the centuries.

“There it is,” Jacob called, pointing to a large and very hard to miss from the air house that was on one side surrounded by woodland and the other by beach and then the ocean. Despite having been gone for what felt like decades, the place still looked precisely how the doctor remembers from his childhood aside perhaps from a curiously large security presence at the front gate of the property.

“Where would you like me to put down, Sir?” The pilot that had been assigned the task of returning Jacob home enquired, just as the shuttle communications system sprung to life.

“Shuttle Alpha-Four-Two,” The call of a familiar voice drew a wide smile from Wishmore as the pilot responded.

“Alpha-Four-Two,” The pilot called back, “Go ahead.”

“You’re good to set down on the lawn to the east,” The voice of Jessica Wishmore, Jacob’s younger sister instructed, “There’s plenty of room back there.”

“Understood, we’ll be down imminently” The pilot reported as the shuttle made a slow left turn toward their apparent designated landing space.

True to the pilot’s word, barely five minutes later Jacob was stood in the cold Massachusetts winter air, days old snow crunching under his boots as he moved toward his childhood home. Ahead of him he could see the unmistakable figure of his baby sister standing at the bottom of the steps that lead up to the deck waiting. Almost near enough for an embrace as the siblings reunited, Jacob barely saw the flash of movement that was their mother who brushed her youngest aside and wrapped her own arms around her middle child, squeezing hard, “You said you’d write every week!”

“I know,” Jacob laughed, giving her a gentle squeeze back before she released him, “I did try.”

Smiling the kind of loving smile that only a mother can manage, Madeline Wishmore looked her son over as if inspecting him to ensure he was okay before looking him in the eye, “I can’t explain how much we’ve missed you!” She exclaimed, her body language quickly shifting to one of melancholic sadness to pure excitement, “It’s been absolutely wonderful having all the grandchildren here today, and I can’t wait to show you all we have for dinner tonight!”

Still grinning as he had a brief flashback to all the hours he’d spent with his mother learning to cook, Jacob nodded before glancing toward his patiently waiting little sister, “I can’t wait to see it all,” Jacob told her, a sense of nostalgia the likes of which he had not experienced for such a long time waving over him as he spoke, “Can I have a moment first though?”

Following his eyeline to her youngest, she nodded, “Of course you can sweetheart,” Squeezing him tightly one more time, she grinned at the young woman waiting patiently for her big brother before departing as swiftly as she’d arrived.

By the time their mother was out of sight, Jessica Wishmore was stood as rigid as Jacob suspected was physically possible. Any joyful expression on his face drained quickly as he approached her, tilting his head up slightly so as to watch her down his nose, “So,” He said, his voice turning as serious as the rest of him, “It’s true is it? I’d heard rumours but I wasn’t sure they were true…”

“Yes, Sir.” Jessica responded, her own tone of voice entirely professional, “Cadet Wishmore reporting, Commander.”

Bursting into a proud laughter as he practically scooped her off her feet and squeezing as tightly as his mother had done to him, any pretence of seriousness was quickly dropped as Jacob grinned at the young lady he had yet to release from his grip, “Jess, that’s amazing!”

“Yeah” She responded, failing to hide the ever so slight fear in her voice that he’d heard in so many others over the last year, “Jake. Dad is really mad about it, I don’t know what to do.”

Letting her go but placing his hands on her shoulders as he leant down to look at her face to face, Jacob shook is head slowly, “Let him be mad. He’ll get over it,”

“He hasn’t yet,” She frowned. I bought some help to try and bring him around but he’s been pretty mean about it, says it’s beneath me. I know he thinks we are all meant to be scientists or doctors but I just…”

“Jess.” Jacob offered a supportive smile, “Are you happy at the academy?” her response was a slow nod, “Then who cares what Dad thinks?”

“I know he’s really stressed with the whole campaign thing,” Jessica said, clearly distracted by her own thought, “I just wish he’d…”

“Wait.” Jacob interrupted, “What campaign?”

“He’s running for governor,” Jessica explained, clearly surprised that Jacob was unaware of what had apparently been such an important piece of family news, “Didn’t they tell you?”

Shaking his head, the doctor shrugged, “I’ve been pretty behind in my mail.” It wasn’t an exaggeration and it didn’t even come close to the largest piece of news he’d been unaware of upon his return to earth.

“Oh!” Jessica’s expression perked up suddenly before pointing toward the woman who’d been sat at a table on the deck behind them, watching “That Louise, A friend from the academy by the way.”

“Uh huh” Jacob chuckled at the sudden direction change their conversation had taken, “Hello!” He called, waving to the blonde-haired young lady who did so too, in return.


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