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Class Reunion

Posted on Sunday February 21st, 2021 @ 11:50pm by Captain Oliver Campbell & Lieutenant Commander Jaylan Cline

Mission: Home Is Where The Heart Is
Location: San Francisco, United States, Earth
Timeline: Saturday 29th January 2157

Jaylan was sitting in her small one-bedroom apartment back home, she was being reassigned though she didn't know where yet. She was on leave until she received word, she was about to head out when her computer beeped with a message on it. Raising an eyebrow she walked over and began to read the message.

"Endeavour huh?" she said to herself as she continued to read, her eyes got a bit big when she realised who the Captain was. "Well I'll be," she replied as she knew him from the year they spent in training. She began to pack her bags which wouldn't take long as she really didn't unpack all her things. Once she was finished she planned to grab the next transport to where the ship was located.

Making his way through the crowded streets of downtown San Francisco, Oliver looked up at the tall building and saw that he had finally arrived at his destination. After meeting with his yeoman and new chief of the boat earlier that day, he had seen one name of the candidates he was considering for chief science officer and immediately sent in the request to Starfleet Command. Not only an hour after he wondered if it was the right decision. So instead of causing more headache for his yeoman with further complications to withdraw the request, Campbell took the decision to go and visit the person he had accepted. Finding her address wasn't that hard and he could see she was in between assignments at the moment.

Walking up to the main door of the complex, he pulled it open and stepped in. Wearing civilian clothing, Oliver did his best to blend in with the other residents. He didn't want to be making a scene with any of them seeing him was a Starfleet captain. There had been a few incidents between where members of the public had been quite vocal with their extreme opinions about Starfleet and the MACOs involvement in the war with the Romulans. As it had been going on for almost two years now, there weren't many people who hadn't known someone who had been lost to it. The toll was starting to become a burden on humanity and those who were hurting the most or felt it was their right to speak the loudest were directing their energy towards those who were out there fighting for their freedoms. Starfleet had recently issued guidance to its members to remind them to consider whether or not they need to wear a uniform when travelling among civilians.

Walking up two flights of stairs, Oliver eventually found the door of the flat he had been searching for. Rapping his knuckles on the back of the door, he waited for the person on the other side to respond.

Raising an eyebrow she wondered who was at the door, walking to it and opening it she saw Oliver standing on the other side.

The moment the door opened, Oliver was taken back to his days at Starfleet Training Command.

21st February, 2146
Main Campus, Starfleet Training Command, San Francisco

"Oh my god Jaylan how small minded can you be?" Oliver shouted at her.

"The only one who has a small mind is you, Oliver!" She shouted back irritated at the man.

Looking at the cadet who wore the science division trimmed cadet uniform, Oliver shook his head. "You cannot think that just because Cochrane once said the reason why he built the Phoenix it was so he could retire to a dessert island as a rich man. His actions after First Contact proved that even if he did think that, he was not that type of person."

She rolled her eyes, "sure Oliver, but that doesn't change the fact that is what he was after! He is nothing but a drunk who was looking after his own greed." Jaylan spat back as she resented Oliver and thought it was not fair that he only gets to do a year compared to the four years she had to complete.

Getting frustrated at the comments coming back, Campbell wondered why he had to attend this historical ethics class. It didn't make him any more of a better officer. "The point I'm trying to get across was that Cochrane revolutionised the way science was looked at. Surely being a science officer in training you can appreciate that?"

She rolled her eyes but decided not to respond to that last statement he made which had her boiling.

"So how do we get on to the topic where you almost called Zefram Cochrane money grabbing drunk?" Campbell questioned. He looked to his professor, Commander Erick Nwakanma, who was leading the class. Nwakanma was an engineer at heart, but had a passion for history like no-one else at STC. He led many of the classes that involved ethics. The tall bald African-American man stood up and raised both hands to indicate he wanted their attention. "Okay, let's calm down class." He said. "Let's rethink our thoughts and let me pose this. Should Cochrane have shared his work properly with the US military?"

"Absolutely." came a strong Irish accent from behind Campbell. Turning to see his fellow classmate, Thomas O'Brien speak up was a rare thing. Oliver and he had discovered only a few weeks ago that they were the only two in this class that were on the fast-track course and would complete their training at the end of the academic year. Unlike their other peers, due to their extensive years of service in the military, they only had to complete the advanced course at the same time as fourth year cadet. A few comments had been thrown in their direction and neither of them had risen to them...yet.

"Go on Thomas," Nwakanma encouraged. "Tell me why."

O'Brien cleared his throat, "Well he did use one of their nuclear warheads without permission and without any supervision. What would have happened if he accidentally detonated? The whole of Bozeman would have been destroyed. With the military involved there would have been more oversight."

"Well maybe if the Military would have kept that area on lockdown maybe that wouldn't have happened? So, this is the military fault that incident happened in the first place." She yelled looking at both Oliver and Thomas.

Rolling his eyes at her comment, Oliver couldn't deal with the constant bashing that those who had served in the military got when joining Starfleet. "I beg your pardon? The United Earth Global Defence Force has helped keep world peace and now that peace is shared on colonies across Earth's commonwealth. Now, I appreciate that when you look back at this time in Earth's history, millions were dead and there barely any governments. The US, the UK, France, Australia, Canada, Brazil, just to name a few were barely keeping themselves above the water. That said the US military, what was left of it, could have been more involved. I read in a journal that it was believed that there was an attack against Cochrane's complex the day before he launched. If the US military had been involved with the project, like they were with the Manhattan Project then those who had been killed may have not been lost."

"You raise an interesting point there Oliver." Nwakanma remarked. "I've read those reports and there's also unconfirmed evidence to suggest that a group of humanitarians arrived shortly after to help. However does military protection always make a difference when we're exploring space? It takes us back to our first question, what is the true cost of space exploration and how much is enough?"

No, they are useless! Why have one when they don't do anything to protect those who they swore to protect?" She asked looking directly at Oliver when she said it but she didn't respond to the last part of the question as Oliver interrupted her.

"Cline, unless you've ever actually worn the military uniform you don't understand what it means to be part of an organization that puts itself on the line everyday to risk so much for so many." Campbell threw back.

"But you do get to skip three years of training and get a free pass to put on the Starfleet uniform. You military lot all think you're better than us!" commented Bruce Caplan from the other side of the room.

Standing up straight away, O'Brien was on his feet in a flash and started to square off against Caplan. The latter who was a scientist but also had huge muscles stood up in response too. Campbell had heard rumours that he had dated Cline once.

"Okay gentlemen, calm it down!" Nwakanma ordered.

"It's okay professor, I'm not so precious about my pride. However those who used to serve the military obviously feel threatened that they don't like being reminded about their free way in." Caplan spat out as he and O'Brien approached each other.

She just watched for a moment as they approached each other, thinking that one hit from Caplan and it be over.

Before Oliver could say anything O'Brien lifted his fist and punched Caplan in the face. Before anyone could react, Caplan recovered from his attack and threw his own punch back and knocked O'Brien out onto the floor. Without thinking, Oliver raced across the room and hit Caplan square in the nose and took him down.

"Enough! Stop this fighting!" Jaylan screamed at Oliver and the rest.

Not listening to Cline's screaming, Oliver pulled his fists up as one of Caplan's friends came in and started to fight him. Straight away he felt his face fill with pain and before he could move he saw Cline jump on his back. Falling backwards, he heard O'Brien call out something and it took everyone in the class and security to pull the cadets off from one another.

Not the finest moment to take place in a historical ethics class.

Saturday 29th January 2157,
San Francisco, United States

"Hello Jaylan." Oliver said with some sort of humility and strength in his voice.

She looked at him for a moment, it's been a few years since their time at the Starfleet Training Command. "Hello Oliver," she responded as she stood there.

"I don't know if you've received the transfer orders yet but-" Campbell didn't get a chance to respond.

"Yes I did," she started looking at him. "I was just about to head out," she added as she still held onto the bag she had packed.

Realizing that this could be harder than he had hoped, Campbell took a breath. "Look, I totally understand that we have a past and we never saw eye-to-eye since our STC days, but I wanted to come here to say to you in person that if you don't want to accept the transfer orders then there are no hard feelings on my part." Taking a breath he continued, "That said, after reading your service record I know that Endeavour would be lucky to have you join her. If we can move forward from our past and our difference of opinion then I'd like to have you on my ship."

She looked at him then people walking down the corridor looking at them, "come in." Jaylan replied as she moved away from the door.

Following her in, Campbell could see the home she had was almost one tenth the size of the home he had just bought with Fynn. "I see Starfleet is still putting its officers up in spacious apartments." He commented on.

She shrugged, "not that I stay here much anymore." She replied looking at him, "Oliver to answer your last question I wasn't going to turn it down or fight the assignment request." She responded, "I have followed your career advancement and am impressed. We are not the same people we were back at STC. At least I know I am not, I don't hold any grudges I am getting too old for that." She responded as she took a seat and offered him to take a seat.

Impressed to see her change so much, Oliver accepted the offer and sat down opposite to her. "So you're okay serving on my senior staff as chief science officer?"

"Yes," she replied with a smile.

"Good, because you know us ex-military types we know nothing about anything scientific!" Campbell said in a joking manner, hoping it was the right time to break the ice with her.

She chuckled a bit, "that's obvious." She said with a wink and a laugh as she thought back to their time and their argument which seems now all too childish.

"In all honesty Jaylan, as I said to my previous science officer, before Starfleet assigned her elsewhere, I will always listen and take on your expert opinion and advice. It's important to me as much as the chain of command is." Oliver shared. "Plus my husband would kill me if I became a dictator on the Endeavour!"

She smiled as she has seen a change in him since their days at STC, "good as I am sure I'll have my fair share of them." She said with a smile and she nodded to the last statement he made as she remembered her last assignment. It had gotten to the point where she requested a transfer as she couldn't serve on the ship one more day.

"So, shall we make our way to the Endeavour?" She asked as she was eager to see the ship first hand, granted it was much like any other NX-class ship.

"At the moment she is finishing off her upgrades to be made a Columbia-class. We are planning to return to her in a couple of days time. In the meantime, I'm having the rest of the senior staff join my husband and I for a get together tomorrow night. If you want to join us, you're more than welcome to come!"

"Sure, I'll be there." she said with a smile as they both stood up, "oh whatever happened to O'Brien? I haven't heard anything about him in years." She asked as she was curious about his friend and also fellow classmate.

"He commands Starbase One now in the Berengaria system." Oliver answered as he got up to leave. As he approached the door, he turned around to her. "I'll send you the details for the gathering. I promise you, the team are a good bunch."


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