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The Red-Tape Catch Up

Posted on Sunday February 21st, 2021 @ 2:11am by Captain Oliver Campbell & Petty Officer, 3rd Class Romeo Knight
Edited on on Sunday February 21st, 2021 @ 6:10pm

Mission: Home Is Where The Heart Is
Location: Campbell-Trommler residence, Rochester, New York, United States of America, Earth
Timeline: Saturday 29th January 2157

"We're still waiting to hear about our request for a new chief communication officer but I've been told by a friend at Starfleet Operations that it looks like we are at the bottom of the request pile." Knight reported.

Sat in the living room of his home, Oliver was catching up with his yeoman: newly promoted Petty Officer Third Class Romeo Knight. Romeo was a godsend and was one of the main reasons why Oliver ever felt like he was organised. He had dealt with a majority of the ship's administrative issues since Campbell had taken command over a year ago.

Frustrated to hear that he still didn't have someone in the chief communication officer spot, Oliver ran his fingers through his hair as he stood up and started to pace behind the large grey corner sofa that took up most of the area in the living room. "What about Regina? Do we know for certain yet if she's returning to us?"

Checking a tablet for their second communication officer's status, Romeo found the answer and shook his head. "Nothing is confirmed but she does have a place booked on one of the transport to the ship."

"Is she still doing that work on decoding Romulan transmissions?" Oliver asked.

"Unconfirmed and classified." Romeo answered. "So that's probably a yes." He looked up at his captain. "Protocol states you can't make her chief communication officer as she needs to complete the intermediate bridge officer's exam as well as complete the senior staff training programme under the supervision of someone with the rank of commander or above."

Rolling his eyes at the red-tape involved in such appointments, Campbell considered his options. "Okay, we'll have to keep looking, but Regina may have to be acting communication officer for a little bit longer. Perhaps I can get Rohan or Jacob to train her on those two modules."

"That wouldn't be a bad idea sir. However you still need to appoint someone as protocol officer, sadly Regina has completed that assessment either." Knight replied.

"Has anyone?" Campbell asked.

Looking from the tablet in his hands to the one he had on the coffee table, Knight gave out a nervous chuckle. "Yes."

"Who?" Campbell questioned.

"You, Doctor Wishmore and..." Romeo hesitated before completing his sentence as he knew what was going to happen next. "and me."

Smirking at his yeoman, Oliver confirmed his suspicions. "Then for now I am making you protocol officer."

"Thanks." Romeo said. He looked down at his list to see what was next. "You also have a reminder from Enlisted Affairs, they are still waiting for you to inform them who you want to name as Chief of the Boat. Seeing as we've not had someone in that role for almost nine months, they are itching for you to make up your mind before we re-launch."

Again, the captain smirked. "Well I know who I want to name as they've been doing the job without realising this past year and I know we've got no-one any higher than them in rank."

"Who sir?" Romeo asked with a blank expression.

Wincing a bit as he said it, knowing that it may go down like a lead balloon, Oliver spoke up. "You." Before Romeo could refuse him, Oliver explained his thought process further. "Hear me out first. As I said when we-relaunch there's no-one else on the crew right now who is higher in rank to you. Everyone who is enlisted will be crewmember."

"That sounds like a bad idea sir." Romeo remarked trying to dismiss the idea.

"I know it does Romeo, but if I ask Doctor Wishmore to work with you to support the newer recruits, I promise you it won't seem like much." Campbell pleaded. "I know I've just made you protocol officer but you'll be good at this as well Romeo."

Shaking his head in disbelief, he took a breath in and Romeo agreed to it. "But that's the last role I'm taking on...sir."

Laughing at Romeo for giving in, Oliver sat back down next to the younger man. "What's next?"

"We had confirmation that Jules and George's promotions to lieutenant junior grade have gone through." Romeo read from his tablet. Looking at his captain, "Did you want me to organise a promotion party for them when we return to the ship?"

"Absolutely." Oliver said with a nod. He had insisted since day one, even with a war on, they would always celebrate anyone's promotion. "Add yourself to it as well. We've not giving you a party yet!"

"Thanks sir!" Romeo answered. "I did see George and Jules for dinner a few weeks ago, they're itching to get back."

"Glad to hear it." Campbell said. "Anything else?"

"A few more I'm afraid sir." Romeo stated.

"Tell me that Starfleet has confirmed they have a list of science officers for me to review? I'm still not happy with them taking Jennifer to head up that research team on Vega colony."

"Ah, actually sir I think I did see something about that..." Romeo looked at the pile of tablets spread across the table and picked up one to pass to Campbell. "There's a list of candidates to review."

Looking at his yeoman, Oliver shook his head and mocked the younger man. "Next time lead with that one as the first item for us to go through!"

"Sorry sir." Romeo said. "Are you sure you want me as chief of the boat?"

"I may need to re-examine my command decisions." Oliver teased as they went on with their business.


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