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Come Dine With Me

Posted on Tuesday February 23rd, 2021 @ 7:53am by Captain Oliver Campbell & 1st Lieutenant Fynn Trommler & Commander Rohan Patel & Commander Jacob Wishmore & Lieutenant Commander Jacquelyn Wilcox PhD & Lieutenant Commander Jaylan Cline & Lieutenant Joshua Randall

Mission: Home Is Where The Heart Is
Location: Campbell-Trommler residence, Rochester, New York, United States of America, Earth
Timeline: Sunday 30th January 2157

“Ollie, will you please calm down?” Fynn stated from across the living room towards the kitchen area.

Oliver ignored his husband as he finished putting out the last of the dishes for their guests. He had invited the entire Endeavour senior staff over for a catch-up meal. It would be the last time they would all be on Earth together before the ship was relaunched. Thinking it would be a good idea to get everyone back together seemed like a good idea. They all had gone their separate ways these past four months since the ship was towed home and placed into the dry-dock of the Copernicus Shipyard. Even though the shipyards were designated for the construction of smaller craft, the war had changed the facility’s remit and Starfleet had expanded its further. The entire crew, when returning, would have to take shuttles and transport to the Luna colonies before boarding the ship. Now that their ship was ready, Oliver wanted to bring his senior staff back together in a more informal setting so that there wouldn’t be any ‘issues’. He wanted their return to be as smooth as possible and he remembered Captain (now Commodore) Paulsen doing this once when the Poseidon had been in for a major overhaul.

“I want everything to be perfect.” He eventually answered back to Fynn with. “We’ve not all been in the same room for some time now. I don’t want things to be awkward.”

Shaking his head Fynn stood up from the grand piano he had been sat at and had been playing, a skill he had taught himself during these last four months, to make his way over to Oliver. Taking hold of both hands he looked at his husband and smiled at him. “It will be fine. I promise.”

Appreciating the gesture, Oliver smiled. “Thanks.” He kissed him lightly as the door chime went off. Letting go of his husband, he went straight away to answer and welcome in their first guest.

Rohan stood relaxed by the door, finally feeling as though the war had been shaken from his shoulder. He was casually dressed in a white button down shirt, Khaki pants, and beige blazer; a far more complimentary wardrobe than the uniforms waiting for them. His left hand hand hung in the left pocket, while the right cradled a bottle of French Bordeaux. He smiled as the familiar murmuring of voices travelled down the entryway. He could only imagine the anxiety Oli was feeling about hosting such a thoughtful reunion before duty would call them forth once more into the breach.

"Fynn," Rohan exclaimed, "Its so good to see you again." He stepped forward extending his left arm in a heartfelt embrace of friendship, as he passed the bottle over to the host. Rohan was pleased to know that his exuberance was flowing naturally again, another sign that past memories were no longer controlling his future.

"Ooo, fancy wine from our favourite engineer!" Fynn said after embracing Patel. "It's good to see you Rohan."

"Hey Rohan!" Oliver said stepping forward to greet his friend with a similar hug. "Welcome to the new pad! Come on in!"

"As lovely as the happy couple who make it home," Rohan replied as he scanned the furnishings that reflected a couple with history and depth loving care. Hands, in his pockets he spun in a slow moving circle taking it all in. He was truly happy to see such a vision come out of the war front, something Rohan himself could look forward to someday.

"I have to admit, getting your message the other day was a breath of fresh air." Oliver remarked.

Chuckling at that comment, Fynn commented on his husband's statement. "More like the best birthday present you could provide! Ollie hasn't stopped smiling at the idea of returning to Endeavour. Someone would think it's Christmas day the way he has acted!"

Scowling at his husband's words, Ollie gestured for Rohan to follow him into their kitchen. "Can I get you a drink? A glass of what you brought or something else?"

Rohan smile with a lighthearted chuckle, "yes please. As long as I'm not drinking alone." He followed Ollie into the Kitchen and admired their thematic touch as Ollie opened the bottle of wine on the counter. "I caught a glimpse," Rohan shared, feeling like a groom catching a glimpse of his bridge before the wedding, "Endeavour looks spectacular. I hear this design is being considered as the new trademark for future builds."

After pouring the wine into two glasses, Oliver handed one over to Rohan. "I gotta say I had reservations about Starfleet pulling the ship apart to add in that secondary hull, I felt they were just adding an extra bit for the sake of it but after reading how well things have gone on Columbia and Challenger, I'm now excited about taking her out for a test run." He extended his glass and said "cheers" as the two men clinked each other's glasses against one another. "So what have you been doing to keep yourself busy Rohan? Besides over seeing the refit."

"Well," Rohan replied, a smug grin growing across his face, " someone, or re-met and old friend. We went our separate ways just before my joining with Starfleet." He swirled the crimson Bordeaux in stemmed glass, pausing to capture the fragrance before taking his first sip. "Nothing can come of it, at least right now. But it was good to reconnect, to be reminded why we go out there. To protect the ones we love, you know." Rohan took another sip and glanced towards the front door, hoping to see more familiar faces.

The door bell went again and Fynn offered to go get it.

When the door opened, Lieutenant Joshua Randall stood at the door. "I'm Josh Randall."

Laughing at Randall's greeting, Fynn welcomed the pilot in. "Hi Josh, come in! How are you doing?"

"I'm fine, thank you for asking. Thank you for inviting me tonight." replied Josh.

"Can I take your jacket?" Fynn offered.

"Thank you." He took his jacket off and handed it to him.

"Come on in Josh, can I get you a drink at all?" Fynn offered the helmsman.

"Beer, if you have it." Josh replied.

After grabbing Randall's drink, Fynn gave it to the pilot. "So what have you been doing since Endeavour was placed in for its refit?"

"Been spending time at Training Command to get some refresher courses." Josh repiled.

The door chime went off again and Oliver offered to get it this time while Fynn spoke with Randall. Opening the door he was pleased to see Doctor Wishmore arrive.

"Jacob!" The captain said welcoming his chief medical officer and second officer in. "Come on in. It's good to see you!"

Whilst the prospect of removing himself from his family had turned out to be far more difficult than he'd expected, Jacob wasn't going to deny that the prospect of a dinner with his fellow crewmembers - some old and some new - wasn't something that he'd rather looked forward to since the idea was first put forward.

As the door swung open to reveal his Captain, the Doctor couldn't contain a broad and genuine grin. The time at home had been wonderful but it felt good to see Oliver and indeed the rest of Endeavour's remaining senior staff again, "Captain, it certainly is!"

"Can I get you a drink?" Campbell offered.

"I would love one," Wishmore responded, "I trust your taste, and may I add you've made a beautiful home for yourselves!"

While the captain got a drink for the doctor, the doorbell went again. Oliver turned to his first officer, "Rohan, do you mind getting that? It could be either Jacquelyn or Dia or our new science officer."

The mention of the two female only members of his senior staff was a reminder at how much things had changed on the crew in the past year. Aliyah Al-Basir, their MACO detachment commander had been promoted and sent elsewhere by General Casey while Volkov had been transferred to Starfleet Command to assist with tactical analysis while also teaching new cadets at Starfleet Training Command. Their successors had joined the crew mid-2156 and both women had served with distinction in Oliver's opinion.

"My pleasure," Rohan replied with a smile. He was genuinely ecstatic to meet the new crewmembers that would be joining them 'once more unto the breach,' He grabbed the door handle and with a gentle downward thrust, eased the door inward. The updated crew manifest scrolled through his mind, he always enjoyed matching faces and names to avoid awkward introductions.

Jacquelyn took a steadying breath as she stood outside her captain's home, smoothed a hand over her dark purple dress, and willed herself to press the chime.

Her first instinct had been to decline the invitation for dinner, mostly because she's hates these things, but it's hard to say no to a captain, especially one you respect. While she felt like she got dumped on him, her predecessor taking an assignment on Earth, Campbell never treated her with anything less than trust and respect.

"Commander," she said with a smile as soon as the door opened. Patel was a decent bloke and a good officer. Jacquelyn found him to be a curious one, truth be told, but no less good.

"Welcome," Rohan greeted, glass of Bordeaux still in hand, "come in, come in." He stepped to the side, motioning her to enter in. "Please, no rank without the uniform," he added. He could feel mild distress well up within him at the thought of putting that uniform on once more. He managed that welcoming smile once more, "what can we get you?"

Jacquelyn couldn't stop herself from chuckling at Patel's poorly concealed disdain for their uniforms as she shrugged off her jacket. "I will have a glass of whatever you're having."

"A glass of Bordeaux it is then," Roan said cheerfully as he motioned her towards the gathering staff. "Come in and get to know us better, I'll find you". Rohan whisked away to the kitchen to complete the order.

Making her way towards the Captains house Dia was excited to meet the Senior Staff that would be aboard Endevour. She hoped she wasn't over dressed in her simple dark emerald evening gown and simple shoulder throw, wanting to make a good impression on her coworkers, her right hand clasping a small silvery white clutch. Not sure if she should have brought anything with her, she had brought a bottle of merlot. As she approached the entrance she could see light shining down the simple path to the home.

"Hold the door please," Dia called out from down the entrance way. Hurrying her self along she met Rohan at the door, "Good evening," she started and got tongue tied standing on the door step.

A few moments later and the door chime went off again. Oliver went to the door and was pleased to see his new chief science officer stood in his doorway. Impressed she made an effort in what she wore, he welcomed her in. "Hi Jaylan, come on in."

She walked in and looked around, "thanks for the invite." She replied looking back at him.

"Let me take your coat." He offered and pointed for her to go through to the main living room. After placing her coat up in the small cupboard in the entrance area, Oliver followed her in. "Everyone I want you to meet Lieutenant Commander Jaylan Cline, our new chief science officer." He then looked at her. "Jaylan, this is everyone!"

She looked around and smiled and waved as she walked in and was handed a drink as she was being introduced to everyone that was there.

Once everyone had arrived, the music was put on and the informal get together was going well. People were eating the food that Oliver had managed to cook without burning. An assortment of food was put out that allowed everyone to help themselves too. An hour in and Oliver took a moment to bring everyone together.

"Can I grab your attention for a moment please?" He said in a loud and clear voice. His Scottish accent coming through quite thick. "I know it's been a few months since we were all in the same room together, but I am pleased to have you all over tonight. It's good to see you all and to be able to catch up before we return to our ship for our next chapter." He picked up his nearby glass of whiskey and raised it. "To the next chapter!"

"To the next chapter!" Jacob responded with a smile rather more solemn than the one he'd worn at the door, raising his glass in kind, "Let's see about putting an end to this war and getting right back here as soon as possible!"

Rohan raised his glass with similar sentiments, "and may our next gathering at this table be a celebration of VICTORY and new found peace".

Josh raised his glass. "Here, here."

Jaylan might have been new aboard the Endeavour she still raised her glass to her new journey.


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