New Assignment

Posted on Wednesday February 17th, 2021 @ 4:48pm by Captain Dia Revna

The day Dia was informed of her reassignment was the same day she was promoted on the spot to Captain with out parade as there was no time.

She had walked into Major Camerons office the Wednesday morning and was told, "Lieutenant your being promoted to Captain and assigned to NX-06 Endevour. You will be taking most of your platoon with you as the detachment aboard. The First Lieutenant currently assigned and the current First Sargent will be staying on to assistace you with the transfer and seeing as this is your first ship board command they will be invaluable."

Snapping to attention she responded excitedly "Yes Sir! When do I report Sir?"

"Friday, get your people ready to move. Piece of advice Captain," He spoke as he handed her the new rank insignia, "Learn to relax a little your going to need it out there." Snapping to attention he dismissed her.

Dia's heart was pounding as she made her way to the platoons ready room. This was what they trained had been training for, what her life since she was sixteen was preparing her for. A chance, a chance not only to leave the Sol system and what may lay beyond, but there was a war on. A war meant opportunity to her. An opportunity to make a name for her self actually doing something for the Human race.

The door slid open for her as she entered the platoon ready room where her people were already donning there kit for what she had originally planned to be a sweep and clear of a civilian vessel that hadn't responded to hails and they had been sent in to ensure that the ship wasn't booby trapped and to see if they could provide the crew assistance. Stepping into the room, some one called "Room" and everyone came to attention, she quickly returned the salute.

"At ease," she had them relax, "Okay people change of plans, kit off and in the briefing room in five." She walked through the ready room and into the briefing room. In the Amphitheatre styled room she took up the podium and pulled up her access to the computer system there and there were the orders to report no later than 0800 Friday morning to bay 32 for transit to the Endevour. She waited silently playing with her pen as she awaited her people.

As her people settled into their seats a couple of them had noticed the new rank insignia and had started to whisper to themselves, a couple of them had caught on that something big was coming. As the last one took her seat she started to speak, "Okay people new assignment, NX-06 Endevour, were joining her and going to war."

A chorus of cheers and excitement met her ears and she couldn't help but to smile wide. When the cheers started to die down she silenced them and started speaking again, "This is it people what we have trained for, the real thing. We are to report to bay 32 for transit to the Endevour on Friday at 0730hrs." At that a couple of soft groans met her ears. Continuing "As well as my own promotion we have a couple of other promotions to take care of as well, but first some bad news. First Sargent, First Lieutenant please stand up, you will be staying here at Jupiter Point Station as it has been decided the Endevours Firsts will be staying on to assist with the transfer as well as assist myself with there experiences. It has been an honor working with you both. You may sit."

The next couple of minutes were spent promoting the more senior privates to corporals and one of the corporals to Sargent. They were all good people she thought as she went through the motions of promotions. She could only hope that they would all make it home.