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Posted on Tuesday June 30th, 2020 @ 10:44am by Ensign Rosalind Paget

" first day here and I've never felt so tired. It's not the physical work ...I think its the sheer numbers. There
s everything here...minor wounds to life changing ones...a couple will..well...they might not see home again.
Dr Wishmore is running himself ragged...into the ground. I dont know what to say. I should say 'something' but what? I dont know. So I just plugged away case after case.

Jenny would have ... no no.
The main thing is to concentrate on here and now and not begin reflecting on whats happened...those we've lost...things we That can come later but not now. No not doing it!. something to eat?

You know what Lindy?..I really cant be bothered.

I just..need to sleep. A few hours..three maybe...set the alarm.

There.... Done.


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