The Sim

Welcome to the mid-twenty-second century! Earth is becoming a player in galactic events and now stands in the way of the Romulan Star Empire war machine! Starfleet, Earth’s space exploration agency, is tasked in protecting and defending Earth’s interests as well as her allies.

Endeavour is the sixth NX-class ship to be launched with Earth’s famous warp five engine.

Our crew was assembled on the eve of battle, the costliest one to Starfleet: The Battle of Sol. Endeavour hadn’t been officially launched when her original crew took her in to battle to defend the homeworld, sadly though barely any of the crew survived. Not willing to let their sacrifices go in vain, Starfleet repaired the ship and sent her back out at the start of 2156 with a new captain and a new crew. Her mission: to win the war!