Lieutenant Bodhi Frye

Name Bodhi Manu Frye

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Space Boomer)
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6’4” (1.93m)- upwards of 6’5” or even 6’6” with the hair.
Weight 158lbs. (71.6kg)
Hair Color Black, curly; often kept back in a small bun
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description

Bodhi’s countenance is that of a blending of several Human ethnicities. He comes from Anglo, Maori, and African ancestry. He is built like a number of Space Boomers- long and lean, with a swaying, lanky gait that reminds some of R&B or Rapper artists of the 20th and 21st century. Bodhi stands out most easily with his height and the frizzy curls of dark hair that adorn his head.

He is among the tallest of personnel aboard the Endeavour which might be intimidating if it weren’t for his slight build and agreeable nature.

Bodhi has a soft-spoken voice (though that can change if he needs to carry but it’s against his norm) and with a mottled accent- something akin to New Zealander, western Canadian, and African-British. His most obvious accent trait is the New Zealander vowel switch- “Deck Seven,” becomes, “Dick Siven,” for example. Bodhi speaks a great deal with his hands- gestures that are common among Boomers particularly when communicating across a vacuum or large cargo bay. They are part of what gives him that “swaying” quality.


Father Wihone Frye (Age 56). The ECS Souther Cross's Cargo Manifest Officer.
Mother Dr. Emilia Glenn (Age 53). Now a professor of Law on Deneva Colony; previously a crewmember of the ECS Southern Cross

Stepbrother: Timetry Frye (Age 36). One of the Deckhands on the ECS Southern Cross, also a part-time Engineer and Pilot. A Jack of all Trades.

Brother: Raione Frye (Identical Twin; Age 26). The older of the twins. Raione now resides on Rigel Kentaurus Colony and works as a terraforming engineer.

Brother: Qoree Frye (Younger; Age 23)- Technically never met Qoree, but has communicated with him by subspace. Qoree lives on Deneva Colony and is in the hospitality industry.


Stepsister: Keyarra Nguyen (Age 34). Keyarra Nguyen, neé Reid, is Tamasin's Daughter. She serves as the Chief Medical Officer of the ECS Southern Cross.

Sister: Kailanni Frye (Older; Age 28). Kailanni Frye is Bodhi's older sister, and is apprenticing to replace her father.

Other Family

Stepmother: Tamasin Frye (neé Reid) (Age 61). Captain of the ECS Southern Cross, having taken over from her father ten years ago.

Brother-in-Law: Nguyen Thai-Tan (Age 34). Keyarra's husband and one of the ship's material fabrication specialists.

Paternal Uncle: Manu Frye (Deceased). Previously the Chief Engineer of the ECS Southern Cross. He died in an accident.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Bodhi is the “quiet twin,” or the more passive brother between he and Raione. He is more intellectual, more sensitive, more empathetic than Raione who is more brash, athletic and outspoken. But they are not a stereotype of twins.

Bodhi is an “Advocate” personality- someone who is driven to use his strengths to uplift others and create a better world. In his view, fostering understanding between different groups is the way to go. He studies culture, law, music, history and the origins of a species’ ethics in order to better understand them.

To the casual observer, Bodhi is reserved but friendly- an “extroverted introvert” that willingly engages but seems more comfortable well outside the limelight. People who get to know Bodhi can find him complex, passionate, idealistic, sensitive, kind, attuned and educated- but reluctant to talk about himself. He can seem a bit mysterious.

Strengths & Weaknesses


+ Creative: Personality types like Bodhi like to use creativity for personal enrichment but most readily focus on using creativity to form connections, to advise and to counsel.

+ Insightful: People like Bodhi prefer to move past physical appearance and focus on the person. They tend to be the types to understand people’ motivations, needs and feelings.

+ Principled: Bodhi is tolerant of other ethics and beliefs, but his own are carved in stone. He is guided by a strong sense of scientific inquiry married to compassion, and his principles are not to be crossed. He has strong values which help him in communication.

+ Passionate: Bodhi’s archetype are passionate about their vocations and rarely settle for a “good enough,” approach. They will disrupt the status quo if the status quo doesn’t meet up to scrutiny.

+ Altruistic: Bodhi does not like success that harms others. He is mindful of how his actions may affect others.


- Sensitive to Criticism: Bodhi and personalities like his do not weather criticism of their ethics and values well. It is often viewed as a personal attack and they defend themselves.

- Reluctant to Open Up: Combinations of altruism, passion and insight make Bodhi hesitant to “bother people” about the details of his life, as he is well aware that he is a complex and sometimes contradictory person. After all, he sometimes confuses himself. Bodhi values honesty but also values privacy.

- Perfectionistic: Strive for an ideal and do not settle easily. It’s not the most practical aspect of Bodhi’s personality and sometimes delving into something so deeply as to attain some kind of “perfection” is selfish. But Bodhi prefers to give people well-thought-out, well-rounded, well-understood theories. He doesn’t “fly by the seat of his pants,” easily.

- Avoiding the Mundane: Sometimes breaking things into small, real world steps strikes Bodhi as tedious and tedium is a struggle. He’s fond of the novel, the out-of-the-box and extraordinary. His struggle to focus on building small blocks toward his goals can frustrate and lead to burnout.

- Burnout: All of this idealism and altruism and attention to the feelings of others- while giving himself few means to blow off his own feelings due to being reserved, can make Bodhi feel burn out, stressed and escapist.

Ambitions - Contact and study a new alien culture
- Serve as a Cultural Attaché to an Earth Embassy on an alien world
- Work as a Museum Curator at the Smithsonian
- Professorship at Starfleet Academy
Hobbies & Interests

Basketball: Basketball was the pastime of choice on the Southern Cross used to help combat cabin fever and the sedentary droll. Bodhi has played since he was a child. Inter-ship games between other freighters in the ECS fleet were rare, but big draws for their crews.

Ki-O-Rahi: Ki-O-Rahi is a native Maori ball sport game with elements of handball, rugby and cricket, and a unique circular playing field containing fixed team positions. Bodhi’s Uncle was on a Minor League team in his youth, before he signed on to the Southern Cross. Bodhi plays, but is extremely amateur.

Dancing: Dancing and just moving his body to dance feels good. He connects to himself this way most easily.

Contemporary and Classic 20-21st Century R&B:

Reading: Bodhi likes to read, though he usually reads for information rather than for fiction. But “information” extends to reading about myths and stories from cultures he is studying, as well as a fictional conjecture of a culture’s future through their speculative fiction (if they do so).

Journaling: Bodhi keeps a pretty regular journal of his daily activities, as well as a thought journal and a dream journal. He prefers old-fashioned pen and paper for it, but he does audio logs for his formal position.

Drawing: Bodhi’s drawing has gone through some evolutions- childhood drawing turned to an artistic interest in life drawing, and shifted to drawing in the field of costumes, artifacts, and other cultural objects. He also likes to draw the architectural notes of buildings. He’s shifted some back to drawing life recently.

Photography/Scrapbooking: Bodhi takes photography both in taking and collecting. He includes them in journals, in scrapbooks but also on wall mosaics. He is quite a visually-oriented person and tends to snap pictures of artifacts, buildings, people, even language. He tends to put these skills to use when diagraming a culture’s ethos webs or likely future social protocols.

Evolutionary Culture Genesis Theory: Pre-sentient and Sentient life forms regardless of their composition are products of their environment and the challenges of resource acquisition/retention. That environment has formed a foundation that very few species diverge from. Culture Genesis Theory is the theoretical study of the progression of pre-sentient to sentient life forms and how their cultural characteristics shape their future politico-social models.

Cultural Anthropology:


Personal History
Born to Live in Space: When Humanity went out to the stars- first in slow, sublight DY-class colony ships in cryo-stasis and then at low warp- an essential culture developed soon after: they were the Space Boomers. Able to call no one planet home, their homes instead became the cargo holds and family quarters of freighters. These ships could spend years between destinations. One such ship was the ECS Southern Cross which has changed changed ownership registries from corporations, to the Earth Cargo Service a number of times.
The Southern Cross is an O-class Deuterium Transport, approximately twice as large as a J-class Freighter. The “So-Cro” as its deemed by its crew was commissioned in 2106 and is still in service today. It has a maximum speed of Warp 2.0 and has mostly served as a fuel transport for the colonial efforts to Alpha Centauri, Vega, Deneva and Tau Ceti.

Like most Space Boomers, the So-Cro and the Fryes formed a symbiotic relationship where younger generations took up the trade and replaced parents, uncles and aunts. The Fryes, although they have African-British, African-American , New Zealander and Maori ancestry, have been offworlders since Zefram Cochrane’s flight allowed for colonization more speedily a decade later. Bodhi is the third generation of Fryes to be Space Boomers, and the second generation serving on the So-Cro.

Bodhi was born at some point between Sol and Rigil Kentauros, one of the three Alpha Centauri Colonies. He was out of diapers about a third of the way to Vega Colony and was in the equivalent of pre-school by the time they arrived. Vega Colony- a strange world with a blue sun and a tidally locked “eye world” characteristic was the first world a young Bodhi ever stood on and was old enough to remember.

By the time he was eight, the So-Cro entered the orbit of Deneva Colony. He was ten when they reached Tau Ceti. He’d passed out of puberty by the time they reached Cygnia Minor. Its not lost on Bodhi that by that time he’d touched feet down on five planets and none of them had been his species’ ancestral home. And Bodhi looks at Earth a lot like a person with parental ancestry in Europe, might view Europe, but has never lived there; curious but its not home.

A Huge Blended Family: Bodhi and Raione’s mother- Doctor Emilia Glenn- departed the ECS Southern Cross at Deneva Colony where she was taking up a professorship- and it ostensibly ended the romantic relationship with Bodhi’s father the Southern Cross’ Chief Cargo Officer, Wihone. While the twins Raione and Bodhi, and their older sister Kailanni stayed on the So-Cro, Emilia and Wihone agreed that Qoree, a newborn boy, would go with Emilia to live on Deneva with Emily Glenn and her brother and Uncle, both transplants to the colony six years earlier.

Wihone relied on his brother Manu to raise the Frye children until Manu was killed in an accident near Tau Ceti. Manu was the ship’s then-Chief Engineer. Though a replacement Chief Engineer was found at the time, Kailanni would eventually take up the role when she turned twenty. By then, Wihone had remarried the ship’s Captain- Tamasin Reid. Tamasin’s family comprised another of the families aboard the So-Cro- one of five. They formed a blended family with the Fryes and Bodhi gained a Stepbrother, a Stepsister and later a Stepbrother in Law in the form of Nguyen Thai-Tan who began to train to eventually replace the outgoing Chief of Material Fabrication, a Quartermaster-like role.

A lot of Down Time:

A Dying Breed: Most Boomers won’t admit that their world is changing. There will always be cargo and there will always be extended time in space as distances grow wider between runs. But the essence of Space Boomer culture- raising families and continuing a legacy of a ship- seem numbered. In the case of the Fryes, only a couple of the new generation have the interest- and neither Bodhi nor Raione are among them. Some Boomers see those opinions as betrayal. Some come to a grudging acceptance. For Bodhi and his older twin, it is more of the latter- but not universally among the family.

Taking After Mom: Bodhi was “the good son,” or “the quiet twin.” Compared to Raione, Bodhi seems agreeable, compassionate and intellectual. Raione is a proud, loud, athletic person who has a lot more in common with some of his eventual stepsiblings. The twins were close- but not stereotypical twins. They were their own people and even today they have drifted apart in the idea of being identical. They can be told apart quite easily.

Bodhi was a more reserved character. He got in on the daily games of Basketball. He tried his hand at Ki-O-Rahi- enough to know his older twin was better at it. And he grew up in the apprenticeship-like, technical trade education of the So-Cro. He was raised to someday take up a trade on the ship. But Bodhi realized that that wasn’t for him.

Bodhi had quietly wanted to stay on Deneva with his mother and newborn brother- partly to help her, and partly because he just wanted something different. Bodhi and Emilia had a close bond and similar, more scientific interests. She encouraged him to draw, to write and to think about a world beyond the hull of the Southern Cross.. She encouraged him to be mindful and thankful of his roots, but still become his own person.

Academy Life:
Service Record

Chief Exo-Social Science Officer
Endeavour NX-06 | Columbia-class Starship
Endeavour NX-06 | NX-class Starship
Cultural Advisor
Federation Embassy | London, Earth
Science Officer
Kerala NE-11 | Ganges-Class Starship
Humanitarian Support Personnel
Caracas Refugee Support Zone | Caracas, Venezuela, Earth
Senior Year Cadet - Sciences
Starfleet Academy Campus | San Francisco, Earth
Junior Year Cadet - Sciences
Starfleet Academy Campus | San Francisco, Earth
Sophomore Year Cadet - Sciences
Starfleet Academy | San Francisco, Earth
Freshman Year Cadet - General Studies
Starfleet Academy | San Francisco, Earth