Captain Dia Revna

Name Dia April Revna

Position MACO Detachment Commander

Rank Captain


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Monday February 22nd, 2021 @ 12:38am

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 130
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Standing 5'5" Dia does not appear to be physically imposing even as a MACO Captain, however you would know that not to be true the moment you entered hand to hand with her. Her short blond hair is cropped in short, not buzz cut short. Her blue eyes are icy as they evaluate everything for potential danger.


Father John Val (Closest to a father)
Mother Cynthia Val (Closest to a mother)
Brother(s) Jason Val - Close as a brother to her attended both the Academy and University with him
Sister(s) Kary Val - Close as a sister to her attended both the Academy and University with her

Personality & Traits

General Overview Military and professional to her core, Dia can be overbearing when it comes to security aboard. She has a hard time sitting still when there are things to be done and improved upon. With those under her command she is hard on them but always fair and always has their back.
Strengths & Weaknesses Dia has a hard time lightening up when not on duty, she is always itching to get some more time in the ring or on the range. If not practicing there she wants to run another sim on one thing or another. This has resulted in her and her team being highly prepared and well trained but leaves her on edge at times, and sometimes reacting before there is any problems and wasting manpower and resources
Ambitions Being an orphan she has set out to make a name for her self. Being assigned to the Endevour is her first step, the war she thinks will give her a helping hand.
Hobbies & Interests She continues as possible to do the things she enjoyed while she was at the Academy and University, chess, hand to hand combat and every once in awhile she accidentally leaves an area aboard set up as a obstacle course.

Personal History Early Life: Dia was born in Old Toronto on September 21st, 2122 and abandoned in the hospital she was born in by her parents. She bounced round from orphanage to orphanage as a child. One of the many social workers suggested to her when she was sixteen she apply for the Junior Officer course that ran in the summer and should she be successful she would be given a spot at their Secondary School Academy in New York and then sent to University also in New York funded by the MACO’s.

MACO Academy and University:

Dia managed to pass through the aptitude testing and practical tests through out the summer she was fifteen and managed to secure a spot in the middle of the pack at the MACO secondary school Academy in New York. Devoting herself to her studies and physical fitness she graduated on the honour role of her class. During her time at the Academy she made many lasting friendships that she would hold dearly as she then attended university with much of her graduating class. At the Academy the students not only learned their basic secondary school courses but there were a plethora of extra curricular activities available for the students that they were not only offered but expected to take part in several of them. Dia focused on Chess and was a medium classed player, for physical fitness she focused on obstacle course running and competed both her years against other Academies as well as active MACO units always placing very well at these competitions, she also enjoyed hand to hand combat. In addition to all of these activities her summers were full of Military training building on the summer of testing. During her first summer while attending the Academy she qualified on personal weapons and her leadership skills in the field began to become obvious to both her instructors and peers. Her summer between graduating from the Academy and starting University she was selected for basic Zero G training at Jupiter Point Station.

Her four years of University passed by her in what seemed like a blink of an eye. Those that she had attended the Academy with that she had continued to University with had become like a family to her. She had become very close with both Jason Val and his twin sister Kary, they had invited her to several family holidays and their parents had started to treat her almost as their third child. Though out her time at University she continued to develop her chess and other extracurricular activities. Her peers did not always like her very much as the way she led and organised them during their training outside of school was not always pleasant, that being said they had a great respect for her as she always got the job done or was always close to getting the job done. The three summers during her University were spent primarily upgrading their skills in the field from leading ncms in field exercise’s to survival training at Luna or in different extreme climates on earth they were never boring. Graduating from University in 2154 she was granted the rank of First Lieutenant, she was assigned to Jupiter Point Station.

Pre War Career:

During the time leading up to the war Dia was assigned to Jupiter Station as a platoon Commander with the rank of First Lieutenant. Her she bonded quickly with those within her command and they quickly developed them selves as a highly functional unit both in boarding actions and defensive actions. They based many of their training sims off of the reports from Major Hayes and Captain Archer and their experiences within the expanse. At the out set of the war units with more experience were selected to serve aboard ships both in and out of the Sol system ahead of Dia and her unit.

War Career:

Since the out set of the war Dia and her units priority has been focused on pre deployment training incorporating and all reports received through out the war. Just prior to the Endeavour's return to the Sol System Dia received her promotion to captain and her appointment to the Endeavour bringing with her the platoon under her. With the assignment to Endeavour she was informed that the First Lieutenant and Staff Sergeant aboard Endeavour would be staying aboard to give their first hand experience to her as she took command of the detachment.
Service Record 2122 - 2138 Civilian - Old Toronto
2138 - 2140 Junior Officer - West Point
2140 - 2144 Officer Cadet - West Point
2144 - 2156 Platoon Commander - Jupiter Station
2156 - Present MACO Detachment Commander - Endeavour NX-06