Lieutenant Commander Jacquelyn Wilcox

Name Jacquelyn Sloane Wilcox PhD

Position Chief Armoury Officer

Second Position Third Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Thursday August 26th, 2021 @ 11:42pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 110
Hair Color Brown/Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description While Jacquelyn is considered shorter than average, it doesn't stop her from being a presence in every room she enters. She appears harmless, but she’s not one to be underestimated in a fight. She has medium brown skin, curly brown hair and a megawatt smile.


Father James Edward Wilcox, PhD – 63 – Theoretical Mathematician
Mother Jilani Asaju Onai, PhD – 65 – Engineer
Brother(s) Joseph Sage Wilcox, M.Ed. – 34 – Teacher
Other Family Brother-in-law – V. Raul Sbarge – 35 – Teacher
Nephew – Kevin Sloane Wilcox-Sbarge – 8 – Child/Student

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jacquelyn is a “fun nerd”. She’s tough and dedicated but she doesn’t let that stop her from enjoying the world around her. As long as it doesn’t interfere with her duties, she generally goes with the flow.

Very clearly a daddy's girl, she seeks out her father's advice on a little bit of everything.
Strengths & Weaknesses Exceptionally brilliant, genuine, compassionate and decisive, Jacquelyn doesn't like leaving problems without solutions. Because of this, she can also be obsessive and relentless.
Ambitions Her current ambition is to never let what happened in 2153 happen again, and she's willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve that goal. Right now, her ambition is to be the best officer she can be. She’s bouncing some ideas around for later in life, but she’s not in a rush.
Hobbies & Interests Jacquelyn enjoys solving puzzles and riddles. She especially loves solving puzzles with her nephew, and they have a huge one in the works back home. Finding her sketching is not unusual; sometimes it’s people or places, other times it’s how she would imagine certain things to be. Jacquelyn meditates to clear her mind and relieve stress. She also has an appreciation for the elegance of math, which makes sense.

Personal History
Early Life

Born in Headington, Oxford, United Kingdom in 2123, Jacquelyn is the second child of two academics, and it shows. Her mother, an engineering professor, and her father, a theoretical mathematician, met at Cambridge University while they were both studying there. Later, her mother took a position at Oxford, which is where their family began.

Jacquelyn was always a curious child and being surrounded by the wonders of the universe sparked her interest in learning about them, in general, and about using math and science to change the world around her, in particular. Her father noticed that she had a knack for being able to see numbers like a language. To Jacquelyn, it just registered as a puzzle to be solved, and she loves solving puzzles.

Moving around as her father took on different research projects, Jacquelyn grew up a little of everywhere; the Cochrane Research Facility on Sirius IV, Calais in France and all of New Zealand are some of her favorites. Though, if asked, she thinks of San Francisco as home.

Just before her 17th birthday, Jacquelyn started attending the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. While there, she met and befriended her future brother-in-law Raul, whom she introduced to her -slightly older- twin brother, Joseph. Jacquelyn then attended the University of Hong Kong for her master’s in applied physics, followed by earning her doctorate in quantum mechanics from Stanford University.

At the urging of her favorite professor, Jacquelyn took a position as a researcher with the DOD, specializing in weapons development. Following the attack on Earth by the Xindi, which left 7 million people dead, Jacquelyn elected to join Starfleet.


Unlike many of her crewmates, she was granted a direct commission into Starfleet; their need for scientists, especially those who create weapons, and her PhD allowed for her to bypass Starfleet Academy and Training Command.

Initially, she was assigned as a science officer on the Oberon. She later took on the additional role as one of the ship’s armory officers; her knowledge of their weapons proving exceedingly useful. Jacquelyn adapted well to being in space and found it enjoyable, though a touch claustrophobic.

In late 2155, Oberon was destroyed as hostilities with the Romulans led to all-out war. Though several of them were rescued, the ship lost a significant portion of her crew. Jacquelyn, like the others, was injured, but refused to be benched for a second longer than necessary and requested an assignment to the first available ship before the ink was dry on her medical clearance paperwork.

Jacquelyn was assigned to teach at the academy. While she didn’t like being grounded, she understood the necessity of having experienced officers teach new cadets the essentials. The assignment also allowed her time to study tactical analysis and survival strategies. That said, when Jacquelyn learned that the Endeavor was back on Earth, and that the Chief Armory Officer position was open, she jumped at the chance to get back into action.

Known Languages

Denobulan, English, Federation Standard, French, Swahili, Vulcan, Xhosa
Service Record 2139 – 2143
University of Edinburgh
BSc Mathematics
2143 – 2146
University of Hong Kong
MS Applied Physics
2146 – 2149
Stanford University
PhD Quantum Mechanics
2149 – 2153
United Earth Department of Defense, Office of Research and Development
Researcher, Civilian
Direct Commission into United Earth Starfleet
2153 – 2155
Oberon NQ-01
Science Officer/Armory Officer, Lieutenant
2155 – 2156
Starfleet Academy
Instructor (Physics), Lieutenant
2156 – Current
Endeavor NX-06
Chief Armory Officer, Lieutenant Commander