Lieutenant Commander Jamie-Leigh Armit

Name Jamie-Leigh Armit

Position Chief Science Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Thursday June 4th, 2020 @ 9:41pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft5
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description With a diminutive stature, Jamie-Leigh is never one to stand out in a crowd. Yet she is athletic, enjoying running, kickboxing and climbing to name but a few. Her long brown hair is usually kept neatly styled or in contrast, when exercising it will be pulled into a messy pony tail.


Spouse None
Children None
Father John Armit (adoptive father)
Mother Ella Armit (adoptive mother)
Brother(s) None that she is aware of
Sister(s) None that she is aware of
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview With an almost insatiable curiosity, Jaime-Leigh tends to approach everything with an almost childlike fascination. Over the years her desire to understand, to learn, has never waivered.

In contrast she can be very quiet if considering a puzzle, at times disappearing until she can clearly think it through. In such times she will either be found in the ship's gym or camped out under a table surrounded by research papers, tablets and her notes.

She has a bright, eager smile even with little sleep and at early hours of the day yet she can sometimes be found with her thoughts a million miles away, distinctively sad.
Strengths & Weaknesses Photographic memory
Natural curiosity
Wide knowledge of sciences


Doesn't really let anyone in
Can overthink a problem
Has an inherent stubborn streak
Most of her career has been within research teams on Earth
Ambitions To travel the stars as much as possible
Hobbies & Interests While more at home in a lab, she will often find her way to the gym. In part due to her diminutive stature, she wants to be able to hold her own if the need arises. Away from that, she loves old earth movies, which is one of her favourite ways to unwind.

Personal History Found abandoned as a baby on the steps of a church, a lengthy and public search failed to identify her mother or father. It was then that the unnamed baby was placed into the care of the Armit's. Both school teachers within a small town, they raised Jaime-Leigh in a loving household where her studies were always encouraged.

Her adoptive family soon realised she had a remarkable power of recall, which undoubtedly aided her education. With a photographic memory and tutoring from her parents, she excelled, graduating ahead of her peers. It was, however, quite a lonely life with few friends her own age.

In her early teenage years, she wanted badly to know her real family yet even to this day she does not know who they are or why she was abandoned - a question which has long since troubled her.

Her education saw her move to England aged 14, to attend university on a scholarship for gifted students. One of the youngest in her class, she did however, fell incredibly at home there and flourished in an environment which opened her mind to whole new branches of science. There she made a few lifelong friends, while also learning some valuable life lessons. And from it all came a desire for more.

Aged 17 she decided to make the biggest decision of her life, heading to San Francisco. It was a very different life to the one she was used to and for her first year as a cadet, she excelled in her studies but struggled to really fit in as she was far more interested in reading up on the latest research than socialising with her fellow cadets. All that was to change when she met fellow cadet Kyle Langdon.

Initially, Jaime-Leigh was assigned to him as part of a mentorship programme created by the training academy to allow cadets to help tutor their peers. At the suggestion of an academy instructor who encouraged her to go outside of her comfort zone, she enrolled and Kyle was her first 'student'. The pair could not have been more different. Where she was quiet and reserved, he was overly confident and tended to take centre stage. He exuded charm and loved to be around people, to the excess which meant his test scores were beginning to slide and his promising career was beginning to look in doubt.

At first they argued, attempting to find a dynamic that worked for them both. Yet soon they found a way to work together and while she helped Kyle with his academic work, he in turn helped her. It was Kyle who introduced her to kick boxing, insisting she should know how to defend herself as 'anything can happen out there'. And he also managed to convince her to put her books aside every once in a while and just enjoy herself. By the time they graduated, the pair were good friends and remained in contact.

Upon graduation, Jamie-Leigh was initially disappointed with her assignment as she had hoped to follow most of her classmates out into space. Instead, she was assigned to a classified research project on Earth for the next two years. All files relating to this period remain classified.

On conclusion of her assignment on Earth, Jamie-Leigh was assigned to the Republic. After some initial difficulties adjusting to life aboard a starship (namely nausea) she soon settled in to become a valuable member of the team and struck up solid friendships with many of the junior officers on board. Within a year she was promoted to assistant Chief Science Officer, holding the role for almost night months before she was critically injured on a mission.

For her part, Jamie-Leigh remembers little of what actually transpired beyond occasional nightmares. All she does know is that she woke up a few months later, within an intensive care unit on Earth to news that only two members of the boarding party made it back to the Republic alive. A few months of physical therapy and additional treatments followed before she was cleared to return to active duty, initially ordered to Starbase One pending a new assignment.

For her, it was an ideal way to resume her career and she threw herself into her work, keen to show that she was still a capable science officer.

Service Record 2148 - 2152 - Training Academy, San Francisco
2152 - 2154 - Science Officer, Scientific Research Facility, Japan
2154 - 2155 - Science Officer, Republic
2155 - 2155 - Promoted to Assistant Chief Science Officer, Republic
2155- 2156 - medical leave of absence (7 months)
2156 - Assigned to USS Endeavour