2nd Lieutenant Fynn Trommler

Name Fynn Elias Trommler

Position MACO Detachment Assistant Commander

Rank 2nd Lieutenant


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Sunday June 28th, 2020 @ 10:52pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9" (1.75 m)
Weight 165 Ilbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel Green
Physical Description Fynn is a highly trained athlete, as a result he is quite stocky. Through the amount of training he has undergone, he is relatively defined too. Fynn’s teammates has always called him a “pretty-boy” as he always looks after his appearance. He is very fussy with his hair and after joining the MACOs, he has kept it reasonably short with the sides fading from the neck upwards. He has only recently started to grow some stubble around his chin and neck.


Spouse Captain Oliver Campbell, Commanding Officer, Endeavour (NX-06) (Ex-Spouse)
Father Andreas Trommler, civil engineer & lecturer at University of Hannover,
Dr Kurt Trommler, Secretary of State for Health & Member of United Earth Parliament
Brother(s) Second Lieutenant Luis Trommler, Assistant MACO Detachment Unit Commander, Challenger (NX-03)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fynn can be a quiet person when he is working, that’s not to say he doesn’t know how to be sociable and won’t interact with others. It takes him time to get to know someone before he truly trusts them. However, when he is familiar with those, he works with closely he does have a cheeky-chappy side to him. Fynn is known to where his heart on his sleeve. When he is unsure of something, he normally seeks the counsel of those he is close to (especially his older brother who he idolises).
Strengths & Weaknesses Fynn has always had a healthy obsession with football and this is what made him so successful at an early age. He is highly grateful for those who gave him his shot at playing as a pro and his decision to leave it behind him to join the MACOs is something he feels guilty over.
Ambitions Since coming out of being a professional footballer, Fynn’s priority is to complete his officer’s training.
Hobbies & Interests Soccer
Listening to music
Watching films

Personal History Early Life
Similar to his brother, Luis was born and raised in the city of Hannover, Germany for his entire childhood. His fathers were heavily involved in the local community and raised him and his brother to be involved in work that is worth doing that makes a difference to others. Luis and Fynn never met their surrogate mother as this was a choice made by their parents. As there was only one-year difference between him and younger brother, both siblings grew up close and shared in many interests especially with their passion for soccer. Fynn’s childhood was relatively normal, especially with one of his fathers being a local politician who would eventually rise through the political landscape of Germany to represent the country as one of its members of the United Earth Parliament by 2144. Luis and Fynn were both talent-spotted while they played soccer for a local team at the weekends. Both of them were offered to go play for the football team of Hannover 96. Fynn was eager and accepted the offer, however Luis turned it down.

Fynn’s football career had started well, playing for the under 16s initially before playing for the 18-19-year-old team and eventually he joined the main Hannover 96 team when he was 20. Playing as a midfielder, he was instrumental in getting his team through premier league and also scored the winning goal one season for them to become European Champions.

Shortly after his 21st birthday he was out in Hannover celebrating with his teammates after a recent friendly match victory when he met Starfleet Lieutenant Oliver Campbell (who was also out drinking with his crewmates). The two of them were highly intoxicated. Oliver ended taking Fynn back to his hotel room. While the two men were making out in their drunken state, Andrea (Oliver’s wife) walked in on them in the act. After screaming at her husband and slapping him on the cheek she stormed out. Oliver appeared to not be bothered about his marriage. Eventually Fynn started to see Oliver. Fynn was ribbed by his teammates for being a “toy-boy” as there was twelve years difference between him and Oliver. He didn’t mind the joking as this was the first serious relationship he had been in since he was a teenager.

Thankfully there wasn’t much press coverage and after seeing each other for a year, Oliver asked Fynn to marry him. The two were married in 2150 in a private ceremony in Hannover. Being a rising football star and having a father who was Earth’s Health Secretary didn’t help keep the wedding a private affair. Alongside his family, friends and teammates that attended, Oliver’s brother was married to Earth’s Foreign Secretary. Having two high ranking governmental officials in attendance had brought the wedding in to the media’s attention. On some level, this helped Fynn’s reputation as by the time he turned twenty-two he was selected to play for Germany in the World Cup. Unfortunately, Oliver would not be able to see Fynn play in person for the World Cup as he was assigned to a new ship. Fynn seemed to understand Oliver’s Starfleet career and Oliver understood Fynn’s commitments with his career. Both lived busy lives, but both agreed to make time for each other when Oliver was home. Their marriage almost seemed perfect.

In 2151 he signed a new contract to join the British football team, Arsenal F.C. Again, he was highly successful in his time with the team, the team won the Premier League twice and at the start of 2154 season he transferred to LA Galaxy. Fynn wanted to be closer to San Francisco as it was closer for him and Oliver to see each other when his ship was docked. The two of them bought a house on the coast of Malibu.

During 2154, seeing the amount of work that his husband and brother (who was an M.A.C.O. officer) were dealing with, Fynn felt like he needed to do more than play football. Quietly, with only his manager and coach knowing, he joined the M.A.C.O. reserves. When he wasn’t playing for LA Galaxy or training for them, he was training for the military.

Early Career
Being exceptionally fit helped Fynn pass a lot of the heavy exercise tests and fitness routines of his initial training. He didn’t consider himself bright when he was at school, but he went on to pass the academic portion of his entrance exams without any problems.

His training officer knew about his work commitments and they worked hard to keep it almost a secret that he was on the reserve list to avoid any compromises if he was ever deployed. Fynn had even kept it from Oliver that he had joined the MACOs, feeling that his husband may struggle to understand why he decided to do it.

When Oliver was promoted to first officer on board the Poseidon, he was closer to home and was able to Fynn more. As a result of this, Fynn and Oliver become good friends with Oliver’s commanding officer and her husband, Diane Paulsen and Thomas Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt. The four became close friends, with Oliver hoping that he and Fynn would have the same relationship as Paulsen and Vanderbilt had. Both Paulsen and Vanderbilt had built their lives around their careers, they had one son who they had when they were in their early twenties. Paulsen’s entire family setup was something that Oliver started to wish he had, it was something that Fynn and he had started to talk about but never really settled on. Fynn was frustrated with this as he really wanted to settle down, but he knew that this was a reason behind Oliver’s previous marriage had fallen apart. It wasn’t that he didn’t want a family, but he was too focussed on his work.

At the start of 2155, Fynn sent a letter to Oliver who stated he could no longer wait for him to come home and did not want to become a Starfleet widow with the recent conflicts that Earth seemed to be getting involved with. Oliver continued to re-assure Fynn that he was safe and that the ship was not involved in any of the major incidents. However, when war was declared with the Romulan Star Empire, this didn’t help their marriage. Fynn’s letters become more anxious in their tone. Oliver was able to calm his husband down when the ship had been recalled to Earth to help beef-up defences in the home core territories. Being closer to home seemed to calm Fynn down a bit. However, he took the decision to begin his officer’s training with the MACOs in September. At the end of 2155, Oliver’s ship was docked for an upgrade and during this time he was able to see Fynn. Fynn didn’t want to separate from Oliver but he didn’t know how much longer he could go on, worrying about Oliver coming home alive. The two shared one more romantic night together before ending it for good at Fynn’s request. Fynn had told him he could not spend each day worrying if Oliver would come home alive or if he would receive a coffin with a draped UE flag over it on the doorstep. It was just something he could not deal with and alongside that he felt awful for keeping his MACO career quiet from him. Fynn felt like he needed to make a decision, whether he left the MACOs for good and concentrated on his footballing career or leaving football for good and finish his officer’s training.

On December 30th though everything would change for Earth and Fynn would make his decision. The Battle of Sol, the deadliest fight for Earth left many people dead and the possibility of victory for Earth appearing low. Fynn, went back to Germany to see his fathers. After talking it through with them and his brother, he knew what he wanted to do. He resigned from LA Galaxy and applied to complete his training with the M.A.C.O. Only two days in, he found himself being deployed to a unit on board a Starfleet ship, the Endeavour.

Endeavour NX-06
It wasn’t long until Fynn discovered that the captain of Endeavour was new to post. This would be his first starship assignment and as such he wanted to impress the new skipper, however he ended up bumping into Oliver and soon was brought with the realisation that Oliver was the new captain. This, Fynn knew, would become awkward and his desire to amaze was quickly sucked out of the nearest airlock.
Service Record Civilian (2128-2154)
Trainee, M.A.C.O. Training (2154-2155)
Reserved Enlisted, M.A.C.O Reserve, Camp Fitzgeral (2155-2156)
Assault Operator, Endeavour (NX-03), 2156