Commander Izari th'Zorati

Name Izari th'Zorati

Position Chief Communications Officer

Second Position First Officer

Rank Commander


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Thursday June 4th, 2020 @ 9:40pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 122lbs
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Izari is a tall, slender and beautiful Andorian female and has been described by many as having a beautiful, classy and elegant look to the way she presents herself. The stoic Andorian has a quiet, sultry voice to accompany her feminine charm. She ‘enjoys’ keeping her silver coloured hair well-groomed and changing its style when she feels the desire to do so but usually prefers to keep it in a short bob when on duty. This allows her protruding subcranial antennae that sit atop her head (measuring roughly five inches in length) to be clearly seen. Athletically well built, Izari is physically fit and relatively strong and follows a strict fitness regime. On and off duty, she is always careful to present herself in a feminine way and in pristine condition, with never a hair out of place. Her blue skin is smooth to the touch, without so much as a blemish or imperfection.


Father Issak (Deceased)
Mother Tellia (Retired, Andoria)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Until she warms to you, Izari’s personality is very much like the planet from which she hails; icy and bitter. All that changes however once you have gained her trust and she feels able to be herself around you. The epitome of the phrase “appearances can be deceptive”, her slender frame and emotional eyes may make her look somewhat weak and fragile but she is far from that. Strong willed with a feisty temper, Izari takes after her father; she is full of emotion and is deceptively strong. Fiercely loyal to family, friends and colleagues alike, th'Zorati is the kind of woman anyone would want on side in an argument or even in the middle of a brawl. Despite all she has been through during her service to the Imperial Guard, the youngest member of the th'Zorati clan has now pledged to uphold the ideals of the Earth government and Starfleet, and that pledge is something she takes incredibly seriously.

Having served with the Imperial Guard for a number of years, Izari's disillusionment with many of their policies drew her to Starfleet, where she applies her great knowledge of languages and even some of her science and engineering know how to good use. She has some command experience from the last few years of her service with the Andorian services and has earned quite a reputation but she is keen to forge a new reputation with her 'Pink Skin' colleagues.
Strengths & Weaknesses With a strong understanding of linguistics, Izari's strengths clearly fall into the category of learning languages and developing translation matrices, but despite her specialism in this area, make no mistake, she is highly competent in many other language areas. Having served in the Imperial Guard, she was trained in more than one area and has experience of working in both the science and engineering, but it is language and communication where her heart lies. Cool, calm and collected compared to most of her species, Izari is very methodical in her work and prefers time to think things through before acting - a trait that will make working with Humans a lot easier.

In terms of weaknesses, Izari can come across as somewhat arrogant with a significant ego and this sometimes gives the false impression that she is unapproachable. When she lets someone in, she has a fragility that very few are allowed to see. Whilst she has a good understanding of the sciences, she lacks any real working knowledge of tactics or piloting skills - very uncommon for members of the Imperial Guard.
Ambitions With Earth at war with the Romulans, Izari's sole ambition at present is to serve her new crew with dedication and ensure that she sees them through the conflict. Using her military training from her time with the Imperial Guard will be essential to carrying out her ambition. She hopes that the fledgling treaty that the Andorian's have signed with the Humans may lead to a much grander coalition in the comings months or years.
Hobbies & Interests Izari is an avid reader and can often be found relaxing, alone, in the mess facility of her posting with a good book to read. Whilst she sits alone, she doesn’t like silence and the mess facility provides adequate background noise. When not reading, she enjoys the company of her friends. That being said, she is also incredibly active and has a regular, and intense exercise routine which includes Andorian martial arts.

Personal History Izari th'Zorati, or Zari as she is known to her friends, was born in the earth year 2117 at the Tormoria Encampment on the inhospitable moon of Andoria. Growing up in the freezing climate, Izari developed many Andorian traits such as a high metabolic rate and a resistance to different environments. Whilst being able to stay warm and comfortable on the cold Andorian homeworld, like other Andorians, she could indeed stay cool and thrive on planets where temperatures could reach near to boiling point. Like others, she could survive fluctuations in her body weight, needing to lose more than ten percent of her body weight before feeling adverse effects. However, her Andorian physiology made medical treatment more difficult. Unlike in humans, Izari (and all other Andorians) had to have medicines administered via intramuscular injections via the tongue or other such muscles rather than intravenously through the use of hyposprays to the neck or arm.

Throughout her childhood, Izari grew up in a society that was not very tolerant of outsiders. There was deep distrust of species like the Tellarites and Vulcans, and even of the secretive Aenar people of their own planet. In her early teens, Izari met Thalek, a young man who was three years older than her. Bullied by other children in the encampment, the older Thalek stuck up for the younger girl and protected her against her bullies. He took the youngster under his own wing and taught her to protect herself, just as he had been taught by his father. He showed compassion in a way he hadn’t before, his normal abrasive attitude inexplicably warmed by the young girl. The pairs friendship blossomed until he dropped a bombshell in 2370. The young girl would have to survive on her own, without her close friend, who had signed up for the Imperial Guard. It would be some time before they would see each other again. For Izari, her late teens would be spent learning the intricacies of language, studying texts and voice recordings of other species that her father, a diplomat, would bring home for her. Highly intelligent and quick to learn, Izari would spend hours tinkering with communications equipment whilst listening to voices. She began to develop quite the aptitude for translation, but she would soon be forced to apply her knowledge elsewhere when she was drafted into the Imperial Guard at the outbreak of conflict with the Tallarians in 2140.

After conducting training, Lieutenant th'Zorati was assigned to the Warship Weytahn, named after the world that had been annexed by the Romulans several decades earlier. Serving as a communications officer was not a high priority for the Imperial Guard, so she often found herself doubling up in roles in science or engineering, which helped her develop more than a passing familiarity with both.

She would go on to serve the Warship Altira during the final days of the Tellarite conflict in 2348, putting her skills to use when she was forced to take command of the vessel after the death of several of the ships bridge crew in battle with three Tellarite cruisers. She guided her ship to safety and, after the most serious repairs were complete, the Altira was able to gain a measure of revenge by ambushing, and destroying, two Tellarite cruisers. After eight years in service to the Imperial Guard, she had gained a reputation for being a skilled officer, despite being 'different' to most. She wasn't a warmonger, she didn't harbour great hatred for the Tellarites, or the Vulcans for that matter.

Some three years later, in 2151, she was travelling to the homeworld aboard the Warship Kumari when the ships Commander, Shran, ordered the vessel to the planet Weytahn to further investigate the possibility of Vulcan using the planet's Monastery to house monitoring equipment. The incident that unfolded was fascinating for Izari as she was able to study first hand the language of a species known as the Humans. Due to their interactions with the Commander's team on the planet's surface, the language specialist was thrilled to have the opportunity to develop a translation matrix for the species. Whilst the language almost seemed primitive in comparison to their own sophisticated tongue, it was a treat nonetheless since it had been years since she had encountered a new species of any kind. Her contact with the Human vessel Enterprise sparked a fascination that would stay with her for the next few years during her role as Executive Officer of the Warship Lokune.

Although she wasn't present during her species interactions with the Humans on Weytahn in 2152, she monitored the situation closely. She would listen out for mention of the Humans at every possibility. When the Humans are attacked in 2153 by a species called the Xindi, Izari fiercely petitioned her government to support the Earth Starfleet in their search for the Xindi homeworld, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Disgusted by their treatment of the Humans after the part the Humans played in not only uncovering the Vulcans actions at P'Jem, but also in brokering the ceasefire on Weytahn, she resigned from the Imperial Guard. For the first time, she had no real focus, nothing to do with herself until a surprising opportunity arose a few months later during her visit to the Homeworld. She joined the Ambassadors team which travelled to Earth and, for the first time, she got to visit the planet.

Izari spent the next two years working with the Ambassador, studying the Human people and their planet and learning their language. In 2156, with Starfleet running an officer exchange programme and on the brink of war with the Romulans, Izari reactivated her military career, joining Starfleet officially. Assigned to Endeavour NX-06, Commander th'Zorati served as the ships Chief Communications Officer and the Captain's Executive Officer.
Service Record 2140-48: Communications Specialist, Warship Weytahn (Imperial Guard, Lieutenant)
2148-51: Chief Communications Officer, Warship Altira (Imperial Guard, Lieutenant)
2151-51: Acting Commanding Officer, Warship Altira (Imperial Guard, Lieutenant)
2151-53: Executive Officer, Warship Lokune (Commander, Imperial Guard)
2153-56: Lingustic Specialist to the Andorian Ambassador to Earth
Present: Chief Communications Officer and Executive Officer, NX-06 Endeavour (Commander, Starfleet)