Master Chief Petty Officer Nami 나미 Chang 장

Name Nami 나미 Chang 장

Position Chief of the Boat

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 47

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 94 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description MCPO Chang has the body of a teenage gymnast, with black hair and dark brown eyes. She clearly shows many signs of the horrific injuries she suffered aboard The Xindi Weapon in 2154. While her uniform and long hair cover all of the scars except for those on her left hand and occasional glimpses of those at the outer edge of her left eye and temple. Her left eye is permanently dilated, severely bloodshot and slow to track (lazy eye) and has badly degraded visual acuity and color blindness, though it suffices to add depth perception to her undamaged right eye.

Until recently she had severe impairments to her left knee and hand caused by irreparable nerve damage suffered at the Battle of Sol, however a recent advance in synthetic nerve grafts based on Xindi technology allowed Nami to receive the experimental surgery and restore both her left knee and hand to near their pre-injury levels.

Despite the physical limitations, she is actually able to run quite fast, if a bit unsteadily, and is very strong for her size.


Spouse Junichi Yamada, Killed during Xindi attack.
Children Lieutenant (JG) Hyeran Yamada, Assistant Science Officer, USS Endeavor

Hideo Yamada, Killed during Xindi attack.
Father Minshik Chang, School administrator, Seoul, Korea, Earth
Mother Hyerin Park, Medical Doctor, Seoul, Korea, Earth
Brother(s) Suil Chang, 51, Dentist, New York, Earth
Sister(s) Seri Chang-Harrison, 43, killed during Xindi Attack

Lieutenant (JG) Minna Chang, 39, Security Officer, USS Columbia
Other Family Lieutenant Etsuko Yamada (sister-in-law), 34, Nurse, Starfleet Academy

Personality & Traits

General Overview Nami has lived through far more in her 47 years than most people experience in a century. She served with distinction in the MACOs from 2127 to 2137, and then had a second successful career as a policewoman in Osaka, Japan, rising to the rank of Detective Sergeant. The Xindi attack on earth in March 2153 changed everything. In one stroke, Nami's husband, son and younger sister were killed and she could think of nothing other than vengeance.

Vengeance she got, re-enlisting the following week in the MACOs, Nami’s past record, law enforcement background and the general mood of the higher-ups meant that when Nami requested to join Major Hayes' detachment the approval was given immediately. Nami participated in all MACO operations against The Xindi as part of Enterprise's MACO detachment and was one of the first MACOs to board and last to leave the Xindi weapon itself, being horrifically wounded in the process. She was partially paralyzed from the waist down and told she would never walk again.

Nami's injuries resulted in a medical discharge from the MACOs, but after more than a year of difficult surgeries and intense physical therapy, she not only learned to walk again, but after that, to run. While she was (eventually) able to pass the required physical fitness tests to re-enlist, she chose to apply instead for a lateral assignment into Starfleet where she was appointed as a Master Chief Petty Officer and assigned as Chief of the Boat on the USS Endeavor. Nami was in that role when the Romulan Star Empire attacked and she was among the most senior survivors of Endeavor's crew during the Battle of Sol. While Endeavor was repaired and returned to service in short order, Nami was a bit slower on the mend, but eventually again passed her physical and returned to duty on the Endeavor.

After the mission to rebuild the Kretassen defenses, Nami was reassigned as Command Master Chief of Starbase One and while there underwent an experimental surgical procedure to restore most of the nerve damage to her left knee and hand suffered at the battle of Sol. Upon release from rehabilitation and physical therapy, she was reassigned back to USS Endeavor as Chief of the Boat.
Strengths & Weaknesses Nami has a quick mind and keen insight, which served her well as both a soldier and a detective. While her left arm, leg and eye are somewhat impaired, she also remains an outstanding marksman on account of her Recon-Sniper training and decades of experience.

She walks with a slight limp and her left eye is permanently dilated, slow to track (lazy eye) and color blind. Her left-side visual acuity is poor, but as she is right-eye dominant it is only a minor hindrance. The left eye damage is mostly hidden by a special contact lens she wears most of the time that blocks 50% of incoming light and hides most of the discoloration. She usually leaves the contact lens out when not in a garrison environment and wears old-fashioned sunglasses outdoors.

Nami lives with moderate pain, all the time, which she handles through self-discipline, meditation and a vigorous physical training to remain limber. If forced to sit or stand for long periods her muscles will stiffen and she will have some difficulties until she can stretch.
Ambitions To protect, everyone. After returning from the expanse, she was worried that she would lack a reason to go on, but the Battle of Sol pushed away all doubt, and now her ambition to keep her ship in the fight (public), and take out as many of those Romulan bastards as humanly possible (private).
Hobbies & Interests Nami practiced the Korean martial arts of Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do at a very high level (black belt). While born and raised in Korea, Nami was also interested in Ikebana, or Japanese flower arrangement from an early age. She shared the hobby with one of the Starfleet science officers on USS Meridian when he brought her back to his native Japan, she went all-in on traditional Japanese cultural arts including Kenjutsu (Japanese swordsmanship) and Cha No Yu (Japanese tea ceremony). She is at the prestigious Godan (fifth rank) in Ikebana, and while not yet ranked as a "Tea Master", at the very top of Hachidan (8th rank) she doesn't have far to go.

Personal History Born and raised in Seoul, Korea in the year 2110, Nami was something of an outcast growing up. While many girls in Korea pursued the martial arts, few did so with the fanaticism that Nami displayed. Likewise few Koreans were interested in traditional Japanese arts, but Nami sought out an Ikebana instructor from Japan and by the time she graduated from high school she had achieved the coveted Nidan, or "Second Rank" in Japanese competitions.

In junior high school and high school Nami studied Japanese language to further her interest in Ikebana, with the plan to move to Japan and teach the ancient art after graduation. Her plans changed in her senior year of high school when the mysterious attack on an Earth colony dominated the news. Not even a week later and the MACOs were recruiting at her high school in Seoul, and Minna enlisted, with a report date the day after graduation.

Nami served as a Recon-Sniper and eventually a squad leader of the MACO detachment on the USS Meridian, a colony resupply and defense ship. It was on Meridian that she met her future husband, Lieutenant Junichi Yamada, a science officer. The two met innocently enough in the ship's mess hall, where Nami often spent her free time working on her Ikebana. Lt. Yamada recognized her style and found that Nami had actually studied under Yamada's aunt, who, married to a Korean man, was living and teaching in Seoul. Upon completion of Meridian's five-year-mission Lieutenant Yamada and Staff Sergeant Chang were married, received honorable discharges and moved to Osaka, Japan.

Nami and Junichi had two children, and as soon as the younger was old enough for preschool Nami went back to work, this time as a police officer in Osaka. In sixteen years on the Osaka Prefectural Police force Nami rose to the rank of Detective Sergeant, and at the time of the Xindi attack had just completed her board for Lieutenant. The attack changed everything. Nami's husband and son were both killed in Florida as the family was visiting Nami's older sister, who was also killed. Nami's daughter was the only one not present, as she was a cadet at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. Nami herself was only spared as she had taken a day trip to visit her daughter and her younger sister at the academy and to meet up with a few of her old MACO friends. That attack in March of 2153 was the end of Nami's police career and civilian life. Just one week later and she was back in a MACO uniform.
Service Record Nami Joined the MACOs immediately upon graduation from high school in the year 2127 and served with distinction during her year at MACO Academy and Recon-Sniper school, then a four-year assignment attached to the USS Phoenix and left the service at the rank of Staff Sergeant following a five-year mission as MACO Detachment NCOIC on the USS Meridian in the year 2137.

Following the Xindi attack, Nami re-enlisted in the MACOs and was immediately assigned to the MACO detachment on USS Enterprise where she was one of four squad leaders. She participated in all phases of the MACO operations against The Xindi including the final battle on board The Xindi weapon, where she was critically wounded. Upon return to Earth, Nami was given a medical discharge from the MACOs at the rank of Master Sergeant.

So horrific were her injuries that she spent over a year at Walter Reed military hospital. Her left knee was completely shattered, as well as damage to her left hip, hand and shoulder, but the injury that forced her out of the MACOs was a final hit to her lower back by a Xindi bio rifle as she evacuated the Xindi weapon. The spinal damage could not be repaired on board the Enterprise, and it was feared that she would never walk again. Many surgeries later and Nami eventually did learn how to walk, and then how to run. While she was medically disqualified from continued MACO service, she was able to (barely) pass the Starfleet physical and was given a lateral transfer and promotion to Master Chief Petty Officer and assignment to the USS Endeavor. As "Chief of the Boat", she was the most senior member of Endeavor's crew to survive the Battle of Sol where she was again wounded, but returned to duty as soon as she was cleared by Medical.

Following the repair of the Kretassen defense systems, Nami was transferred to Starbase One ostensibly as Command Master Chief, but primary so that she could undergo experimental surgery to graft synthetic nerves to her left hand and knee to allow increased control and some measure of pain reduction. Upon successful completion of and recovery from the surgery, Nami was again assigned as Chief of the Boat on USS Endeavor.