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Commendation Awards for 'Home Is Where The Heart Is'

Posted on Sunday March 28th, 2021 @ 7:22pm by Captain Oliver Campbell

Well sadly our storyline 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' has come to an end and the beginning of Season 2 of Star Trek: Endeavour has started with a huge kick!

At the end of each storyline we will announce our winners of our new commendation awards. Each storyline has a set number of challenges for either character development or Lore Development. The aim had been to get everyone involved in both, but we are pleased to see more people wanting to developing their characters further first. So here are our notable winners:

Category 1: Character Development since Season 1
Winner: Commander Jacob Wishmore!
Judge's remarks: The character of Jacob Wishmore has been developed extremely well in the previous storyline. We have been able to see a different side to our favourite doctor with a peep into his family life and background. A great step forward in making this one of our finest characters on Endeavour!

Category 2: Relationship Development
Winner: Jayalan Cline (with Bruce Caplan and guest appearance of Captain Campbell)
Judge's remarks: Joining the Endeavour at the start of the season, we have seen our new science officer start to establish themselves within the crew and the past history with our captain and her husband is one that is definitely not going a way anytime soon!

Category 3: The toil of the war
Winner: To be announced next storyline
Judge's remarks: We definitely need more time to see who can truly develop their character further around this theme, so we will place it in for next time!

Last but not least, I am happy to announce that our own first officer has been with us for a whole year now (plus a few weeks). So congratulations to Tom and thank you for being with us for that long!!


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