1) Enjoy being part of the Endeavour’s family – get to know one another and encouraging one another with your creativity!
2) Follow all rules, regulations, policies, etc laid out by Bravo Fleet. You will need to join Bravo Fleet's Management System and assign your character to our game. Contact the Game Manager if you need help with this.
3) Try to post at least once every fourteen (14) days. If you are having difficulty with this please speak to the Game Manager (GM). If you do not post over a reasonable amount of time then the GM will consider you inactive and will deactivate your character and user access.
4) The sim is rated at +13, so keep it clean – whatever you create just think to yourself would it be seen on Star Trek: Enterprise?
5) Players will show respect and be courteous to one another.
6) The decision of the Game Manager (GM) will be final on any matters regarding the sim and its development, this includes appointments and promotions as well as storylines, etc.
7) The GM will appoint an Deputy Game Manager (DGM) who will deputise on their behalf when they are absent in running the storyline/plot developments. Major decisions, e.g.: accepting new players, changing missions, etc will be decided on by the GM, unless the GM has stated otherwise to the group.
8) Players are free to create a reasonable number of non-player characters up to one rank below their character’s rank.
9) If a player writes for a department head, then they may create an assistant department head as an NPC, but they must avoid doing this in other departments.
10) If you need to take a LOA, please inform the GM in advance.
11) In our game, we write our posts in the third person in the past tense.
12) Have fun!

Tips & Glossary
Writing for the 22nd Century is different compared to the 23rd and 24th Centuries. Here are just a few tips...


A lot of technology in the 22nd century is obviously less advanced, with some havingdifferent names compared to their 23rd and 24th century counterparts.

Warp drive & speed is a technology that is still progressing on Earth with only a handful of Starfleet ships having the ability to reach warp five. Most warp drives owned by Earth can reach a maximum of warp three. Only the Coridanites and Vulcans have a handful of warp seven ships.

Polarised hull-plating is a Starfleet ship’s primary source of defence. No Earth ship has shields. The Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarities have shields, but this only because of technology being copied via covert means between these races.

Communicator are hand-held devices that crewmembers only take with them when they leave the ship. While on board the ship the crew mostly use communicators that built into displays or in bulkheads. Universal translators are normally carried by the communications officer, however this is still not a reliable technology and most Starfleet ships have linguistic experts posted on them.

Scanners are hand-held devices (they are not called tricorders) that are used by Starfleet officers (and other spacefaring races) to scan a range of items and areas they are in. Medical scanners are designed specifically for medical purposes.

Computers are used to operate most ship-wide systems. Most monitors are touchscreen, but keyboards are located nearby for inputting data that is more complex. Earth ships do not use voice interface technology; however, users can use the dictation feature to write out reports, etc.

Tablets are portable computing devices that allow officers to read and write reports as well as access the onboard ship’s computer library. Through the use of the ship’s wireless network they can download and upload a range of media. (They are not called PADDs). Tablets can save and open information from memory sticks/chips that can also be plugged in to desktop computers.

Protein resequencers are used to create and dispense basic foods and beverages. Most meals on board the ship are created by the ship’s chef and galley crew/stewards. Resequencers can create from a list of beverages via voice activation.

Phase pistols and phase rifles are the main hand-held weapons carried by Starfleet. There are MACO versions of these weapons too. EM pistols are also another weapon known to Earth forces. They carry small plasma bullets in them.

Phase cannons, spatial torpedoes and photonic torpedoes are the main shipboard weapons used by Starfleet. Phase cannons and photonic torpedoes can be fired at warp while spatial torpedoes can only be used in sub-light speeds.

Forcefields are a new technology in the 22nd century and can only be created through the use of portable generators.

Grapplers are used to hold ships (no tractor beams).

Launch bay (not shuttle bay) is the location where shuttle pods (not shuttlecraft) are kept on the ship.

The lifts (not turbolifts) onboard the ship help transport crew around the ship, however smaller staircases and ladders are located between decks too for easy access.

Showers (not sonic showers) are located in all senior staff quarters, while junior officers must share with another. Enlisted crew and MACOs have communion showers in set locations to use.

Quarters onboard a Starfleet ship are divided up among the crew. Senior staff have their own private quarters, junior officers normally share with one other (or sometimes 3 in a room), while enlisted crew normally have bunk beds (normally 4-6 in a room).

Door openers are common among Earth ships, this is to avoid large areas of the ships being decompressed in the event of a hull breach. Private quarters have chimes on them too.

Other Tips

Earth is part of the United Earth Commonwealth (also referred to as the United Earth Government). The Commonwealth is led by a President (Head of State) and Prime Minister (Head of Government). Each nation state, colony and territory is represented in the United Earth Government with elected Members of Parliament (MPs) sitting in the House of Representatives (lower chamber) and Senators sitting in the Senate (upper chamber).

The Coalition of Planets is relatively new in 2155/2156, with only four founding signatories (Earth, Vulcan, Andor and Tellar). The Denobulan, Coridanites, Rigelian and several other governments are trading partners with them. Their largest competitors include the Romulan Star Empire and Klingon Empire as well as the Orion Syndicate, the Malurians and Nausicaans.

Starfleet was a division within the United Earth Space Probe Agency (UESPA) before it was removed to become its own branch of Earth’s military forces during the start of the Earth-Romulan War.

The UESPA is the civilian own and operated organisation that leads Earth’s interstellar exploration and extra-terrestrial developments.

Starfleet officers are taught skills and knowledge from Starfleet Training Command (not Starfleet Academy). STC has a number of campuses and facilities dotted around Earth and the Commonwealth, the main one being in San Francisco.

Starfleet (and UESPA) ships are designated only by their class registry and all Starfleet ships start with the letter ‘N’. The number that follows represents the order of their construction. Most Starfleet ships are named under a particular theme set by the admiralty, e.g.: NX-class ships are named after space shuttlecrafts from the 20th and 21st century.